Anxiety in the fields (1939)

Documentary №66986, 3 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Lallje Etjen. Lallier Etienne. Sashe Zhermen. Sachse Germain
Camera operators:Dantan Andre A. Dantan Andre A.

Reel №1


District of Bordeaux.

In the summer of 1922 farmers have noticed that the potatoes struck some disease, was found an unknown pest.

The farmer takes a potato insect treats on hand.

This Colorado potato beetle.

After work, he tells the news in the country, shows the beetle villagers.

Beetle is sent to the Ministry of Agriculture for research at the research center in Bordeaux agronomists.

Researcher in a white coat at the table considering the beetle.

In one book there is a picture with a parasite of the North American origin.

Another scientist in laboratory studies bug under a microscope.

Colorado potato beetle close-up.

Historical background: map of South America, where there was a potato.

From there it happens and Colorado potato beetle.

Then they moved through Mexico to North America, and from there the Spanish brought the potato to Europe.

For 2 centuries, the potato spread throughout Europe / Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, France /.

In France, potatoes officially appeared in the late 18th century under King Louis XVI. Statue of King.


A scientist in the lab reading a book, compares the Colorado potato beetle with a picture in the book.

Potato field.

Potato bush healthy and without leaves, picked beetle.

The scientist wrote at the table.

Gathering potato, peeling potatoes.

Boiled potato on a plate on the table.

Burning affected potato bushes.


The land is injected some chemistry.

Distribution Map of the Colorado potato beetle in France.

Beginning in 1922 in the center of Bordeaux, in 1936, he reached Paris.

A scientist in the laboratory records the spread of the Colorado Beetle / chips on the map /.

By 1939, the Colorado potato beetle has spread throughout France

Key words

France, 1930, agriculture, science, insects

Reel №2

Research center of Bordeaux.

The plot of land planted with potatoes.

Agronomists are looking for methods to combat the beetle.

Colorado beetle appears on the leaves of new potatoes in the spring.

Scientist examines through a magnifying glass Colorado beetle on a potato leaf.

Bugs on the ground.

Beetle study in the laboratory.

Colorado potato beetle close-up, gnawed on a bush.

The biological study of the beetle.

A scientist at the meteorological tower.

The study of reproduction and dissemination stages of the Colorado potato beetle.

Laboratory experiments, observation and research.

The female lays eggs.

Young caterpillars.

Buried in the ground.

The appearance of white shell.

The adult insect.

Devour leaves.

Statistics beetles reproduce itself within a year

Key words

France, 1930, agriculture, insects, laboratory, science

Reel №3

Collect beetles students burning.

Chemical Laboratory.


Sprinkle potatoes.

A barrel of poison on the field spraying.

The manual spraying, mechanical spraying.

An article in the newspaper: flowering plants and herbs which coincide with different stages of development of the Colorado potato beetle.

Potato field.

Making a living with parasites obtained research center in Bordeaux from America.

These parasites harmful to the Colorado potato beetle.

A study in the laboratory.

Breeding new varieties of potatoes.

Artificial pollination of flowers potatoes in the laboratory.

Chemical struggle continues

Key words

France, 1930, agriculture, laboratory, insects, science

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