House of Sun. (1940 - 1949)

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Director: Arrua Zhan. Arroy Jean

Operators: Renuar Klod. Renoir Claude. Persen Andre. Persin Andre. Fukar Rober. Foucard Robert

Reel №1

On Medical Rehabilitation Centre Mont des Oiseaux / Hopital complementaire "Mont des oiseaux" /.

Type of terrain: forest, trees, flowering trees, flowers. ?


Hyeres / Hyeres / Côte d'Azur?

House of the Sun - a rehabilitation medical center.

Patients: a man on crutches, another - a plastered leg in wheelchair sunbathing in the sun, and the third - with plastered torso, the fourth - is reading a newspaper outdoors.

An ambulance arrives at the hospital, he stopped at the entrance to the department for bedridden patients.

The man was transferred on a stretcher out of the car to the station.

Another with a bandaged head and arm in plaster comes itself.

Nurses in white coats and headscarves.

Chemical Laboratory.

Laboratory tests do; tubes microscope.

Girl laboratory.

Chemical processes in the test tubes.


A man with a bad leg shine leg, the other - light.


Surgeons carried out the operation.



Surgical instruments.

The wounded man.

Blood transfusion.

Patients tan in the sun.

Wounds heal better in the sun.

Open wound, it is also a month - tightened.

gypsum overlay technology to foot.

A man without legs, but he's going, like all normal people.

A man shows his wounds, diseased limbs: arms, legs.

Application of UV treatment.

UV lamps.

Charging, gymnastics, special simulators.

The man trains hand thrust load.

His X-rays of the shoulder joint

Key words

France, 1940, medicine, hospital, hospital patients

Reel №2

On Medical Rehabilitation Centre Mont des Oiseaux / Hopital complementaire "Mont des oiseaux" /.

The man trains hand on the simulator.

Mechanotherapy devices: for the arm muscles, legs, hands.

Music therapy: a woman playing the violin, listening to patients.

Massage with music.

A man writes a pen, learning to re-write - hand trains.

Man cross stitching.

In the wards, patients draw, sitting in bed.

Man sawing a log, other cuts with an ax, the third - on the rope climbs.

A man running through the woods.

A man rides a motorcycle drove up to the body, he gets out of the carriage crutches: he has one leg.

On the tennis court: the game of tennis.

Swimming in the river - the best training according to surgeons.

The priest celebrates Mass for the health of the sick in the streets, in front of the couches - bed patients.

outdoor Hobby: chess, game ball / as billiards, only on the ground /.

Playing with the dog.

On Sunday, the sick come to the wives and kids.

Outdoors on the court all listen to the accordion.


Nurses gather flowers.

Extract the patient from 10.06.1941g.

Issued man says goodbye to everyone happily runs through the park.

Light walk back to the city.

He sits down in the boat and he runs oars

Key words

France, 1940, medicine, hospital, hospital patients