Tourist Paradise (1930-1939)

Footage №67012, 1 part, black-white
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Reel №1

A documentary about the provinces and Quebec.

City of Quebec.

Monuments, sights of the city, its residents.

Walking by tram.

Speaking through a megaphone guide.

Traditional crafts of Quebec.

The logs in the water.

Recycling timber, logs mountains.

Weaver weaves by hand.

Farm cows.

Farmers for garden work.

The primitive washing machine, hand made of wood.


Loom, weaver at work.

Grandmother of the spinning machine.

The graves, crosses, to the memory dead.

Boulder with a sign beside the road.

Water Mill.

Country dancing.

Those dancing girls, women.

Covered horse-drawn carriages.

Country vacation.

Education walking on skis.

Descent from the mountain.

Descent three.

Mountain waterfall

Quebec (the capital of the French-speaking province of Quebec Canada) - one of the oldest tourist destinations of the North American continent, founded in 1608g.frantsuzskim explorer Samuel de Champlain.

The main part of nasleniya - French-speaking.

Sights of the city (Castle Frontenac.

Monuments.) City Center.

The city sightseeing bus rides to tourists.

Suburbs Quebec.

Wood industry.


The ship floats on the river.

a large number of logs floating on the water surface.

Water facilities, process logs.

The conveyor sends the logs to the mill for cleaning.

Workers peeled logs dumped from the conveyor.

Women engaged in embroidery on canvas and wool crochet thread.




Woman and man plowed land with oxen.

Wooden washing machine, invented by local residents. (The machine is assembled by hand).

The process of washing.

The famous suburb of Quebec industry - woven fabrics in the home.

Woman sitting at the loom during operation.

The machine is controlled by your feet.

Woman pryadёt wool on wooden spinning wheel with foot wheel.

Residents of the suburbs of Quebec - religious.

Three people bring prayers of thanksgiving before a large wooden cross.

A monument to pioneers with the inscription of the Pioneers Sagoneya. 1838.

Water Mill.

The end of the working day.

People relax after work.

A man plays the violin.

Couples dancing rhythmic dances.


The five-storey ship Jacques Karde (French explorer who arrived in America in 1535g.

On the river St.


People sit in a horse-drawn carts.

Quebec is one of the green areas of North America, and the resort region.

Ski down the sand dunes.

The height of the dune-250 feet.

People skiing down the sand before the water.

At 60 miles from Quebec are waterfalls

Key words

Canada, crafts, farmers, waterfall
Canada, Quebec, tourists, excursion, wood industry, crafts, agriculture hozyayst, waterfall, mountain, sea

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