Hold your breath (1939)

Footage №67015, 1 part, black-white
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Reel №1




Underwater attractions.

Ticket office.

People in bathing suit, buy tickets, and dive on the water.

Underwater throughput turnstile.

Members of the attraction, the competition took place.

Being under water and not breathing, they need to withstand a few minutes konkursov.1 competition - sprint relay.

At the finish emerges to breathe air.

Man unconscious (chest plate nearly drowned).

Two rescuers carried him to the surface.

Overview underwater booth.

The two look at what is happening watching through binoculars.

Participants try to talk under water. 2nd contest - team relay at the speed swimming two by two.

Three participants run along the bottom.

Another threesome floats above them (on the surface of the head, they can breathe), handed over the baton, swim obratno.3 th contest - parallel bars.

Male hand soaps and performs various gymnastic exercises on the parallel bars.

She tries to say something to shout, she does not come out of the speaker comes up cherepaha.4 th contest - throwing the nucleus.


A man looks at a table with a bottle labeled fish oil, fat eel.

Swim athlete, rubbed his first fish oil, then rub the breast with fat sea ugrya.5 th contest - high jump.

A man jumps over a high bar.

Principle pole vault just under the water it runs without a pole, it is easy to jump, but it's hard to fall to the bottom.

Double jump.

One young man jumping on the one hand, the other at the same time the opposite.

All participants come up to breathe the air, and then descend again under vodu.6 th contest - run underwater obstacles on skorost.7 th Competition - tug of war team.

Competitors pick up signs, turns inscription-end

Key words

USA, 1930, beach, underwater attractions, events, competitions, sports

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