Pictures of Auvergne. (1934)

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Director: Bernar Zh.K. Bernard J.C

Operators: Teri Moris. Thery Maurice

Reel №1



Auvergne's inhabitants have in their national costumes.

Mountain landscape of the Auvergne.

The farmer chases two bulls pulling logs.

Bulls, pulling a hay wagon.

Mountain top Puy Mary / Puy Mary / height of 1787 m.

Car on the mountain road.

A herd of grazing cows.

Village yard, running a pig.

Basalt rocks - the remains of a volcanic eruption.


Mountain village at the crossroads.

The ringing bells of the local church.

Granite statue of the Holy Cross - Culver / translated: Golgotha ​​/.

Two small churches in the Romanesque style, simple, without painting.

Callers bells in the bell tower.

Two ox pulling a cart.

The column on the border of two provinces: Auvergne and Rouergue.

Here begins the Languedoc.

Travel Advisory: Mur de Barrez / Mur de Barrez /.

It melenky quiet town.

Men on the street playing ball / bowling alley /.

Ass with two donkeys.

View on the old town.

Ruined castles times of feudalism.

Country Lane: boys chase cows locals.

View of the mountainous terrain, covered with forests.

The road leading to the Truyere / Truyere /, lying among the chestnut plantation.

Chestnut trees.


Travel Advisory: Antreyg / Entraygues /.

Bus travels across the stone bridge across the river.

View of the town and the river.

Mountain River.

Index: Esteng / Estaing /.

Castle in the lower reaches of the valley.

Roads in the mountains.

Index: Espalion / Espalion /.

Mountain town tiled roofs.

The bell tower with a cross, the house.

In the courtyard, two men and two women threshed grains.

Jumping hay under their flails.

Sheaf hay.


A man drinks water from a jug.

Reflection of houses in water.

Women wash in the river.

River Lot / Le Lot / city flows.

house type, bridges.

A fisherman casts a network of boats.

Medieval bridge.

house view from the terraces of the river Lot.


Herd of cows.

Peasant Fair in the city.

Cows of different breeds and colors, pigs in the pen, man, makes a deal

Key words

France, 1930, village, sightseeing, mountain, river, agriculture, domestic animals

Reel №2



streets of the town.

People are returning to s / x work, driven cattle.

Country wedding.

Musicians come from the church, followed by men and women, couples, the ringing of bells.

Feast on the street.

Folk dancing bagpipes.

Birds on power lines.

Index: Saint-Com / St.

Come /.

The streets of the village.

Cows are herded into a stall.


Houses, bell tower, cemetery.

Cows and ducks in the pond.


Laden donkey on the road.

The mountains, the bridge across the river.

Vacationers in boats.

A fisherman with a fishing rod on the knee in the river.

Another fisherman pulls the net out of the water.

Young people are swimming.

Fishing manually.

The caught fish.

Diving for fish under a rock.

For fish in each hand and one in the mouth.

Fishermen share the catch.

Landscapes of the valley.

Index: Aubrac / Aubrac /.

Grazing herds in the valley.

Chewing cow Calf sucks mother.

Shepherd feeds the calves with salt - the best treat.

Milking in the field: a man milking cows.


Key words

France, 1930, village, holiday, wedding, dance, agriculture, domestic animals