Islanders. (1930 - 1939)

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Map of Britain.

The geographical location of the UK.

Satellite view.

The life of the island.

The harvest (grain) on the combine.

Green Valley.

A flock of sheep.

Girl collects apples from the tree.

Farm cattle hide.

Countryside Britain.

Industrial Britain.


Riding the train.

City of Glasgow.

Manchester City.

Business city.

The streets are full of traffic and people.


Streets of London.

Central London.

Miner in the mine extracts coal.

Stalevarnaya industry.

Ship docks.

City of Liverpool.

Plant for the production of steam locomotives.

Weaving industry.

The county of Yorkshire.

Cotton industry.

Lancashire county.

Cargo transportation by sea.

Commercial London.


Streams of people in the streets of downtown.

Stock Exchange.

View from the British aircraft altitude.


Farmer on tractor plowing the field.

Representatives of London.

Residents of London.

The woman - a pediatrician, head of the psychological clinic.

A child on reception at the doctor.

A man in military uniform - a sea captain.

It is engaged in cargo shipping transportation.

Scans map of the route plan.

This woman is the personal secretary to work in the office.

Master the production of silverware.

Leisure Britons.



The game of cricket.






Swimming pool with athletes.

Amateur ice skating in the winter in the stadium.


Hunting for rabbits in the forest.


Crowded stadiums of people.

Leisure evening at home.

Someone engaged in a garden, some knitting, someone dedicates an evening care for pets.

The family of an evening tea party.

My mother bathed the child before bedtime.

The girl tries on a dress that her mother sews.

Some playing cards.

Evening entertainment venues.


Playing in an orchestra.

A pub.

Men play a game of darts, dominoes

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United Kingdom, geography, industry, agriculture, sports, leisure, business center, nature, person, plant, car, street