Earth reborn (1940-1949)

Footage №67042, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Reel №1


Field with eared wheat.

Spikes closeup.

Land planted with fruit trees.


Herd of cows in the pasture.

The evacuation of the peasants and the fertile land in 1914 / the beginning of the First World War /.

People go on the road with their belongings.

Children in wheelchairs, carts laden.

Flock of sheep.

Empty houses, abandoned farms, abandoned animals.

Nedoennye moo cow.

The Maginot Line, strengthening. 1940.

Entrance to the village of German soldiers.

Soldier milking a cow.

Herd of cows goes on the destroyed village.

A flock of sheep grazing among the fortifications.

A herd of white cows in a pasture.

Transportation of cattle wagons on w / e.

Harvesting of prisoners of war.

Soldiers removed bundles loaded on the cart.

A working grind.

Grain in sacks

Key words

France, 1914 World War 1, 1940, Agriculture

Reel №2

France, 1940.

Soldiers on the restoration of the land: removed the barbed wire, dig a trench.

Special commands to restore the destroyed village: building farm house, dismantle metal, repairing equipment.

By the spring of 1941 everything was destroyed in the autumn of 1914, it restored.

Field work.

Plow, harrow.

Planting potatoes.

Experimental wheat field.

Weed control: spreading chemicals.

German farmers inspect the field.

Lectured French colleagues on the conservation of fodder for livestock.

German expert shows how to shoe a cow.

Colorado beetles - a danger for French agriculture.

Eggs, larvae and young adults.

Gathering pupils Colorado beetles in buckets.

The German Farmers pollinate fields.

Thanks to the efforts made by farmers along the German line Maginot, French agriculture restored.

Harvesting fields

Key words

France, 1940, Agriculture

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