Following the wind. (1943)

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Director: Rozhe Leenhardt

Operators: Pigon Borelj,kompozitor - Artur Ori

Reel №1


Farmer planting vegetables.

Vane turned by the wind.


Tile roof.

Man sawing wood.

Landscapes, fortress tower.

Devices that detect changes in the weather


Map of Weather Stations France.

The employee receives the data on the phone, puts the card.

The movement of the mistral wind.

Driving the overall situation in the weather.

Multspiral spinning in place of the cyclone.

Wind direction from Valencia to Avignon.

Landscape with a River.



The wind picks up, the ripples on the water.

The old bridge, vane.

The strong wind, the waves beat against the pier.

The tower, with machine equipment.

Staff at the weather station in a field with Pribram and radiosonde.

Rises into the air ball, receive signals, the recorder records the signals.

In the car, get the data via the locator

Key words

France, peasants, agriculture, natural phenomena France, meteorology, communications France, meteorology, natural phenomena, bridge, river

Reel №2


Crops, trees swaying in the wind.

A man hangs a pribor.

PNRM tree. by regions.

The narrow streets, the bell tower with a weather vane.

Landings are closed.

Two men sit outside, drink wine.

Using the mistral in agriculture.

Vetrodui received wind energy


Book cover Frederic Mistral, a Provencal poet.

Picture of a musical instrument that uses the wind.

Toy scene with a large tool and the Lilliputians.

The wind blows, and instrument sounds


The farmer goes against vetrapo bridge.

Quay, sellers, Ebony buy a postcard.

The forest, the trees suspended from Torba.

Dilapidated old tower sculpture.

Farmers harvested hay.

The wind pulls the hair, picks his hat falls bike swaying laundry, lifted the skirt of girls.

Monument to Frederic Mistral

Key words

France, meteorology, natural phenomena, agriculture France, natural phenomena, musical instruments, Lilliputians, literature, personalities France, natural phenomena, national, forest, fortification, sculpture, peasants, agriculture, women, personalities, monuments