Fire brigade. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Bell Dzheffri. Bell Geoffrey

Operators: Bidl Sidni. Beadle Sidney

Reel №1

Part 1: burning building (set on fire).

Firefighters extinguish a building.

The first defense against fire bomb is a fire warden.

The monitoring system for possible fire in England.

Assistant chief overseer, watching the streets of London, the main historical zdaniyami.3-4 firefighters are on duty all night in key positions.

Each is equipped with a fire guard helmet, respirator and a whistle (some may be at home, but on alert to go to the place of the call).

Layout of the streets on the paper.

Designated fire patrol guards.

The scheme of movement for inspection posts streets.

Guards should be aware of all the streets places where there may be flammable objects (roof, deadlocks, parking, streets, yards).

The guard should have knowledge about the structure and capabilities of a bomb.

Man holding a bomb.

bomb-explosive device inside a conductive material, the cutting edge.

Such a bomb explodes in places where fallen.

Different types of bombs.

Teaching experience.

The bomb falls into the usual room, furnished; illuminated furniture.

Man puts out the fire with water from the pump.

Fire pump has various modes of water distribution.

Fire team shall consist of three persons, at the same time as you need to do three things-1st extinguishes and said further action, the 2nd pump is pumping water from buckets, 3rd brings water.

If necessary, they replace each other

Part 2: Fire brigade acts together.

Their way to the site of the fire.

Look for pumps.

Pulls help.

Firefighters extinguish a fire hearth.

The team works together.

Fire control.

Now you need to defuse the bomb.

Check the ax, everything is extinguished really burned out.

Three-dimensional space is cut and once again fill with water.

Rises to the attic.

Overlap house gas.

In the attic fire.

Quenched in the same manner.

Operation completed.

fire brigade training.

Different types of fire.

Receptions human salvation ihz smoke conditions

Key words

England, fire, bomb, coaching England, the fire, the work of the fire brigade

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