Sports curiosities. (1938)

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A documentary about the strange different sports. 1. Europe.

Football on bicycles.

Athletes chase the ball around the field, sitting on the bike, hitting his wheel. 2. USA. Polo on motorized vehicles.

Carts roll over during the game. 3. US. Polo on stilts. 4. Australia.

The combination of rugby and running in sacks. 5. USA, FL.

Girls playing basketball on the rollers. 6. Canada.

Hockey rugby. 7. France.

The game of tennis, where instead of rackets used gloves to catch the ball. 8. Europe.

Firefighters play football a huge ball, chasing its jets of water cannons. 9. United States, California.

Racing on the cars on the strange terrain. 10. Mexico.

Participants ride in bird costumes climb to a high post, then, unwinding on ropes, gradually coming down. 11. United States.

The Indians play golf in their national costumes.

Angry Indian aims at the ball from the bow. 12. Summer skiing with the help of a special device on wheels, athletes ride on asphalt. 13. United States.

Stunt game with a locomotive wheel.

At lunchtime workers to observe the actions of athletes who untwisted 500-kilogram wheels.

One of them shows the trick: with one hand he spins the wheel and the other at the same time collects the chair, sits down on it. 14. United States, California.

Girls in bathing suits play bowling on the beach.

The first rank of girls roll the balls, the second raises the fallen skittles. 15. United States.

Bowling Champion Joe Falkaro gives a learned skill. 16. United States.

Funny bowling alley.

Monkey in a suit smoking a cigar, and then picks up a bowling ball, throws it. 17. United States.

Water attractions.

Boys running in the water, her feet on skis.

Athletes descend from a hill on wooden boards tied to the boat, falling into the water.

A horse running along the beach, it tied the rope to the board on which there is a girl, she is trying to ride on the water, but falls.

Athletes jump from a small jump in the water.

Key words

USA, 1938, sports, stunts, personalities