So maneuver (1940)

Documentary №67096, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Johannes Fritce (Johannes Fritze)
Camera operators:Franc Majneke (Franz Meinecke)

Reel №1

Instructs a movie about how to properly perform maneuvers on the railway.

The train runs on rails along the village, wagons loaded with sand and gravel.

Top view of a railway junction with the standing train.

Displaying maneuvers on the production site: maneuvers pushes, by means of train locomotive.

Work unhooks wagons shunting staff and other workers translate arrows.

A group of three wagons rolled back on rails.

Workers reinforce the brake shoe on the tracks.

In various examples show the kinds of shocks at various maneuvers of freight trains.

Tremors of one or more cars.

Sorting and marking of freight wagons, fast / slow motion when maneuvering.

View from above: the different freight cars diverge on separate paths.

Demonstration of the use of the brake shoe.

Work marshalling yards.

Key words

Germany, 1940, Reichsbahn, the railway, the train, maneuvering, cargo

Reel №2

Work on the rails sets special wedge to fix the structure.

Shown more difficult maneuvers using such brake shoe and a wedge.

Animated diagram of such maneuvers.

Animated scheme of distribution and sorting unhooked wagons on railway junction, the clutch from trains, locomotive collection of new compositions.

Formation of compounds, the use of multiple brake shoes and other means of fixing.

Maneuvering wagons with liquid, fragile cargo: Experiment with smooth and sharp hitch.

Animated musical insert: the figures in the form of a brake shoe and a wedge to fix the dancing and singing.

Key words

Germany, 1940, Reichsbahn, the railway, the train, maneuvering, cargo

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