Fishing vessel "Essen" reports a record catch. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Ditrih V. Drejer (Dietrich W. Dreyer)

Operators: Otto Tober (Otto Tober)

Reel №1


It is reported that fish protection of the German Navy takes care of the German fishing vessels in the North Sea, providing technical and medical assistance.

A large vessel with the Nazi flag at the pier.

The ship departs from the marina and out to sea.

Footage restless sea.

The men, watching the sea with binoculars, report to the commander of the approach of a small fishing vessel.

Captain of the ship with a megaphone asking sobschit their data.

The men lowered the boat into the water, which is transferred equipment.

The boat sails to the fishing vessel.

Deck connected to the vehicle, the communication sends a report on the situation on the fishing vessel to the headquarters on land.

Ship swims next to a fishing vessel.

On the water goes down and sail boat larger, in which doctors and sailors sitting.

Transferring a patient aboard on stretchers, ropes bandaged.

The men make the patient into the cabin.

The ship continues to sail, the team says the next boat anglers.

Fishermen on board are laid out and thrown into the water network.

Friendly fishermen work in a stormy sea. "For the courage needed in a troubled sea, and energy."

Web cast into the sea, on the surface of the water floats visible.

After midnight, the fishermen given the command to remove the network, they wake up and get out of the cabin.

Fishermen pull the network out of the water and shake herring on deck.

Key words

Germany, 1930, naval, sea, port, medical care, transportation, water, fishing, boats, record

Reel №2

Close up showing the network filled with fish in the water.

Sailors vytagivayut network on the deck, a large shake herring in boxes.

Small fish stuck in the networks.

Processing herring vessel.

Salting and packing of fish sailors.

Showing "competitors" fishermen eating herring: the blue whale, the sea gull.

The fish is salted in barrels directly into the open sea.

Fishermen are washed with water from a hose after the hard work, relax on the deck, smoking, clean nails, playing the harmonica, wash, combing their hair before a mirror.

Ship swims to shore.

Types of port, coastal houses.

The ship is approaching, vykatyvatsya barrels ashore.

Women are sorted and cleaned herrings, packed in barrels for its transportation.

Barrels are marked and moved by a crane on a cargo ship. "Fishermen teams work in the glory of the German military flag".

Key words

Germany, 1930, naval, sea, port, medical care, transportation, water, fishing, boats, record