Germansland (1937)

Documentary №67136, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Kurt Voljf /Kurt Wolf/
Camera operators:Valjter Brandes /Walter Brandes/

Reel №1

Forest landscape.

Dawn in the forest.

Centuries-old trees growing on the lake, hazy.

Ferns growing on the shore.

Fog over the lake smokes, and the sun's rays make their way through it.

Boar with kabanyatami run by cutting down the forest.

Runs deer, watching him out of the bushes with binoculars Hunter.

Hunter is on the edge of the forest.

Pasture with view of the city.

Ancient Tower.

Rota Nazis marching through the streets of the city.

Historic building with a round tower, ivy-covered: the castle in Detmold.

Forged gates.

The interior: frescoes covering the walls of the castle.

The camera moves from one room to another.

Ads with fascist symbols: "Richard Wagner.

Week celebrations in Detmold ".

The building of a concert hall with a massive colonnade.

The orchestra plays Wagner.

Poster: "Grabbe.

Week 1936 in Detmold.

Head - Reich Minister Dr.

Goebbels. "

The following inscription on the screen: "The house in which was born on 11/12/1801 Christian Dietrich Grabbe."

Street of the city.

Soldiers with guns marching along the canal.

Panorama of the picturesque suburb.

Teutoburg Forest.

Ponds, castles, ruins, rocks.

Externsteine: carved on stone reliefs depicting Christian themes.

Majestic hermannsdenkmal (Hermannsdenkmal).

Lumberjacks chopping down a tree.

Manufacture of chairs.

Ready chairs outside a cafe in the city streets.

Citizens walking along the fountains.

Key words

Germany, 1937, forest, wildlife, architecture, music, sculpture, monuments, logging, light industry

Reel №2

Strolling through the city parks vacationers.

Vacationers come in inhalers.

Mud baths, inhalations.


Water flows down the greenery.


Blacksmithing wheel.

Forge, bellows, is iron forging.

Wooden prints print images on the matter.

Production of fabrics with patterns.

Along the street are people in national costumes.

Carved building with large door.

Inscription on the building: "Schweger Baden Anna Moller, 1593 BC."

Group of people in national costumes is part of the building, inside there is beer.

The orchestra, whirling couples.

Local attractions in the half-timbered building style, tiled roofs.

Ancient walls, entwined with ivy.

Detmold Nature: meadows, flowers, eared wheat.

Windmill in the field.

Farmers working in the field.

In the sky flying airplane.

Panorama of the earth from the air: the forest, hermannsdenkmal on a hill village.

Key words

Germany, in 1937, health centers, crafts, ethnography, architecture, agriculture

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