Journey through the channels (1930-1939)

Footage №67145, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Skoglund Gunnar
Camera operators:Boge Gustaf

Reel №1

Water movement reflected therein trees.

Trees on the shore.

Floating Barge with logs.

Map of Sweden, the channel circuit through the city, the island: Berg, lying, Motala, Karlsborg, Marieshtad, Vanesborg, Trollmetten, Gothenburg.

PNRM. channel.

The countryside along the shore.

Via sailing boat.

Along the coast traveling cyclist cows.

Blooming lilacs.

The locals on the beach.


Floating Barge with logs.

Boys fish for fish, a woman comes to the spring to fetch water.

The port city.

By the shore down a wide stone staircase, decorated tables.

Warehouses on the shore, a small court.

A bridge with an aqueduct.

By water floating craft, smokes a pipe.

City view.

Boy on a boat is put face to the sun.

The man gets out of the engine room.

Buoy on the water.

High Coast, the bridge across the canal.

The movement of the water, sticking out of the water isolated islands of land.

Counter court, boat departs from the pier.

Quiet Creek fishermen.

Forest on the shore.

tied cow

The movement of the water, the trees on the banks of a lush canopy.

Floating barge loaded with logs.

Map with the islands, which are connected to the mainland by a channel, the channel circuit from Berga through the islands with goordami lying, Motala, Karsborg, Marieshtad, Vanersborg, Tollmeten to Gothenburg.

Swedish landscapes, fields, villages with churches.

Traffic on the boat on the canal.

Domestic scenes on the banks of a boy on a bicycle, cows, boys fish for fish, a woman comes to get water supply, etc.

The passage through the locks.

Industrial cities landscapes, pipe factories, ports.

Bridges over the river.

Counter ships, boats, ship, barge

Key words

Sweden, canal, lighthouse, water transport, the island
Sweden, channel water transport bridge

Reel №2

The movement of the water, the trees on the bank.

The boys go fishing.

Far seen village.

Women wash clothes on the beach.

Kids are playing.

Opens Gateway.


Man and boy run along the shore to the ship race.


The spire of the church on the beach.


Boy throws feed seagulls.

Again gateway.

Top view of the countryside.

The building of the dam.

Opens Gateway, raised bridges.

Court on the channel.

Hills, forests, soil obnazhenanya.


Again movement.

Port cranes, ships.

Silhouettes of houses, factory.


City of Gothenburg, the port, ships

PNRM. on the banks.

Residents relax, fish for fish, women wash clothes. dam.

The village are agricultural work.

An interesting picture: the path are a man with a boy, and past them little vessel sails mast, both on land, as removed from the bottom of the hill.

Silhouette of a church with a spire.

Sailboat, seagulls flying over the ship.

Works dredge.

A torrent rushes to the dam, powerhouse.


Again, landscapes, towns, fortresses.

City of Gothenburg, the port, ships

Key words

Sweden, channel, port, transportation, water, church
Sweden, navigation, channel power

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