News from around the world. (1940 - 1949)

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Reel №1

Fragments of the Italo-Turkish War.

The boat approaches the dock.

On the deck of the officers in white suits.

Soldiers in the ranks.

Officers Turks in fez.

The tent camp, the tents complex set of soldier equipment and plates with imeanmi: Abdullah Yusuf et al.

The wireless operator receives a message, the officer carries.

The road in the woods, are trucks.

The battle.

The results of the bombing in a European city.

Ruins, broken cars.

From vzorvanoy well has a water fountain.

A ship at sea.

The man playing with the dog / mute /.


Strong wind in London, passers-by barely held on his feet.

Women are holding a coat floors.

Eclair magazine /fr.yaz./ artist Jean Koichi, drawing sled dogs.

In the Alps.

Dogs pulling sled through the snow, a few sleds hold competitions.


Londonderry house.

store building.

Princess Elizabeth is looking embroidery, handbag.

Kind of place where there is an interesting kind of needlework: female hand embroider and quilt fabric.

Ready-made bedspreads, tablecloth.

Elizabeth is shown in the store baby baby's undershirt from such fabrics

Key words

war, water transport, the bombing ruins, Navy, Britain, France, paintings, monarchs, arts and crafts

Reel №2

Continuation of the story.

Russia. 1930s, silent.

Winter in the city.

Women in headscarves in church.

The bell ringer strikes the bell.

The procession, the priest reads the bible.


The priest blesses the water cross.

People pours holy water in a variety of dishes, the girl is washing the face with water.

Snow-covered road.

Sani people are going towards the car.

The car and the truck can not pass one another.

There is a truck with cans carrying NDP "Vseeksport."

Tractor clears the way.

Italy. 1930, Italian.

The building attracts delegates.

In the area of ​​a huge crowd of people on the balcony of the building installed translators.

There is a solidarity assembly German and Italian states.

Duce makes a report

Key words

The USSR, the church, the clergy, cars, Italy, gos.deyateli, congress, personalities

Reel №3


The Queen visits the house of the workers.

He is talking with a woman-housewife, who is hanging the laundry.

Queen enters the house, in the apartment of two women, a room boy.

Queen speaks with residents in the yard, she waved flags from the balconies.

Queen with her husband say, probably with the landlord.

The old man with the sash around his neck.

France, frants.yazyk.

Tournament fencers.

Paramount News.

USA. Princeton.

Competition masters-Spinning.

Elderly woman at the old distaff.

Images of everyday life, women play cards, planting flowers, playing golf.

At the competition.

France / mute /.

Carnival Procession, huge doll heads made of papier-mache.

Doll with a guitar.

View with fire, sanitation.

France, Alps (?) Mail delivery in the mountains.

The postman delivers the mail on skis on the lodge.

Fashion Paris.

Fashion designer Robert Piquet draws a model of female costume.

Fashion show, women's business suits, dresses.

Breeding canaries for sale.

Birds in cages

Key words

England, monarchs, France, the tournament, the US, contest, fashion, crafts, carnival, mountains, post, birds

Reel №4

Poland. (Mute, only titles).

Arabian horses, bought in Poland, sent to California on the ship "Bathory" from Gdynia.

Arctic ice field.

Walruses and seals on an ice floe.

Floating ship pushing ice floes, seagulls.

Catching seals, seal on the deck.

Baby seals.

Burke seal.

People on the ice, pushing the ice hooks.

The ship "Fridtjof Nansen" in the ice

Key words

Poland, port, transportation, water, Arctic, sea animals

Reel №5

Continuation of the story about the Arctic.

the seal hunt.


Key words

Arctic, water transport, hunting, marine animals