Summer Olympics 1936 (1936)

Documentary №67157, 4 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Anton Gauptmann /Anton Hauptmann/
Camera operators:Imber Koh, Kurcmajer, Majer, Nigmann, Lyoch /Imber Koch, Kurzmayer, Mayer, Nigmann, Lotsch/

Reel №1

Germany. "Under the sign of the Olympics."

Olympic symbols, souvenirs, booklets in different languages.

Bells with swastikas.

The airship flying through the sky.

Portraits of people of different nationalities.

Olympic medals, flags of different countries (United Kingdom, Japan, Germany).

Stadium "Olympia": there is a building of the new Olympic stadium and Olympic village, which will place the athletes about 50 nationalities. 2) "The preparations for the Olympics."

Construction of buildings of the Olympic Village. 3) "Olympic Village awaits you."

Preparation of new houses for the Olympics: German artists painting the walls of houses.

In each house - the name and symbols of any German city. 4) "Austria is also preparing for the 11th Olympic Games."

A girl and a young man eating ice cream on the street.

In the next frame, the same girl fences - a fencer Ellen Price, Olympic participant from Austria.

Roman Fischer - astriysky fencing champion.

Interview with Mr Fritz - Austrian organizer of the Olympic Games.

Talk about the organization of the transfer of the torch through the territory of Austria.

Key words

Germany, 1936, sports, Olympics, symbols, airships, the construction of the stadium, Austria, personalities

Reel №2

Runners start.

Austrian champions on the run with obstacles (Johan Gudenus), pole vaulting, jumping, swimming.

Champions are with medals.

Female Champion in diving from a springboard (Fraulein Rampe) rowers.

Rower champion Gregor Hradetski on the Danube.

Man and woman sunbathing on the lawn, the man - a Josef Zeman, champion in weightlifting.


Different athletes lift weights.

Gold medalist - athlete Robert Fine.

The streets of Vienna, at one of the crossroads stands adjuster named Johann von Szabados.

But today, he - weightlifter, who also participated in the games prinimayaet.

Athletes rise to the column.

A large number of athletes from the Austrian team pays exclusive attention to training, especially gymnasts.

Training consists of exercises and theoretical part (athletes listen to the lecturer).

Boxers in the ring.

Gymnasts practiced at the bar, on the equipment.


Key words

Germany, in 1936, the Olympics, sports, celebrities, Austria

Reel №3

Types of Berlin.

Cars driving on the highway.

Olympic emblem and the inscription "welcome" over the stadium.

This "Dietrich Eckard Bühne" - the stadium, designed for a huge number of spectators.

Preparation of the stadium.

The rehearsal of the Olympics.

The director supervises groups of boys and girls in the stadium.

Boys carry international flags.

Pass girls in dresses a la Brunhilda, run athletes with balls in hands.

Dress rehearsal of the music prohoit at the stadium "Olympia".

The station, the arrival of the Olympic delegation at the stadium "Olympia".

Crowds of people at the stadium.

The orchestra played solemn music.

Flags of the countries of the world.

The huge ship is coming from America.

The train of the Japanese delegation.

Athletics competitions: throwing the nucleus, javelin.

The world record set by the Germans.

Competitions on the run (male and female) and run with obstacles.

High jump.

Races on the long and short distances.

Key words

Germany, in 1936, the sport, the Olympics, the symbolism of the Olympic stadiums, rehearsal, railway transport, fleet

Reel №4

Olympic racing in Dusseldorf.

Racehorse Baron Nishi - champion from Los Angeles.


Discus throw.

Water Polo (Japanese athletes training).

Australian swimmer doing the exercises for the legs.

Swimmer of the Brazilian team.

Egyptian and Japanese athletes jump from a springboard.

Acrobatic action with jumping, running amerkianskimi athletes.

Girls in tunics lit the Olympic flame.

It is reported that more than 1,000 people participated in the delivery of the torch to the German border.

President of the Austrian Olympic Committee, Dr.

Theodor Schmidt takes the Olympic torch.

The torch sweeps through Austria (Vienna, Ringstrasse) with a large gathering of people.

Marshiruschaya youth.

Lights the Olympic flame.

Key words

Germany, 1936, sports, Olympics, personalities, Olympic symbols

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