From Gibraltar to Quebec (1935)

Documentary №67160, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Cpaulding Russel. Spolding Rassel

Reel №1

Strait of Gibraltar.

Big ship, captain looking through binoculars on the coast of Africa.

Small boats surrounded the ship merchants hoping to sell something.

City of Gibraltar.

Machinery, horse-drawn carriages.

View of the bay and the city from the hill.

On the other side of the bay - the docks.

The long road leading to the border between the English and Spanish territories.


Her foot - the traditional gathering place of wanting to find a job.

People waiting for employment.

City streets.

Laden donkeys.

Child, harnessed to a cart.

Small retail goods.

A street photographer with a camera.

Two posing military.

Woman feeding pigeons.

Garrison life: an old woman with a laden donkey, a barrel of water, filling a bucket, two small well-dressed girl with a doll in a wheelchair, a girl with a baby sitting on the stairs, the boys - one waves his hand and the other blowing his nose.

The southern entrance to the city.

The sea, lighthouse

Key words

Gibraltar, the sea, the city, children, lighthouse

Reel №2

On the other side of the strait - snowy Quebec.

Icebreaker in ice.

City of Quebec.

The operator rides on a horse in a sleigh in winter city.



Notre Dame de Victoire.

The famous staircase, rolling down on her children.


Monument to Jacques Cartier.

Index w / e crossing, river Dyulu.


Palace architect.

Blackboard with the words: the oldest house of Québec (1674).

Blackboard with the words: military headquarters Mankalma (1759), Commander of the French troops in Canada, who died during the storming of the British forces in Quebec city September 13, 1759.

This battle brought victory to the British and became decisive in the sesquicentennial struggle of England and France for Canada.

Place of burial Wolfe.

General James vulva - Montcalm rival - the commander of the British Expeditionary Force, also died in the battle.

Monument Samuel de Shamplenu - sonovatelyu Quebec City.

Gate entrance to the city - a historical monument today.


Horse harnessed to a sled.

Snowy landscape.


Staircase of the Saints.


New Basil (Cathedral) in the interior.

Praying priest.

The angle of abandoned crutches and prostheses.

Crucifixion of Christ.

A private house.

The old lady behind the spinning wheel sings a folk song

Key words

Canada, architecture, castle, monuments, churches, transportation, water

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