metal Forging (1930-1939)

Footage №67182, 5 parts, black-white
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Camera operators:RODZhERS DZhEJMS I.

Reel №1

Landing single-seater, different types of aircraft, airfield, airplanes take off.


Aircraft factory assembly plant, collect the body of the aircraft.

Driving motor parts.

Truck, finished goods warehouse.

Ingots in the form of bricks.

Cutting metal parts.

The laboratory, metal examination.

Boxes with samples, laboratory assistant enters data into the table.

Weigh parts, defective parts are transported to the shop for remelting

Key words

England, Air Force, plant, lab, paratroopers

Reel №2

Metal fiery stream poured into the vat, the vat is moved using a crane.

The vat is lowered "pill" of some substance, reaction, removed from the surface of the sludge.

Purify the pipe inside.

Chang flipped to the metal in the car, ready to cast, re-enters the laboratory, where there is a check.

The shop worker removes finished cylindrical member puts stamp.

Parts Turned on the machine.

For details of the figures are knocked out

Key words

England, factory, laboratory

Reel №3

Folded blanks, which are under pressure.

Detail cools off in the water, then goes back under the press.

Ready cylinder, its microscopic structure.

Drawing details.

Powered press.

Design Bureau, engineers are working on drawings.

Production of parts of complex configuration with a press, drill.

Driving manufacturing parts, hollow inside

Key words

England, Air Force, plant construction

Reel №4

Press and hammer.

The workers made parts.

Forging a metal bar, shaping.

Production of the camshaft gear.

Details are processed under pressure

Key words

England, Air Force, factory workers

Reel №5

Work grinds workpiece on the machine.

Details under pressure, cool water.

Finished goods warehouse. laboratory test of strength, the metal breaks.

Details from the OTC account, on machines, women work.

Aircraft engine assembly.

aircraft assembly shop.

PNRM. op ready aircraft.

Planes taking off

Key words

England, plant, aviation, workers

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