German security police. (1941)

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Reel №1


A flag with a swastika.

The school building in Dizenberge, monument to the fallen at the hands of the communists 09.08.1931, laying a wreath.

Officer security police school in the town of Köpenick.

Group of senior officers goes to the building.

Build students martial ueniya.

Students are charged a machine gun.

School police dogs in Grünheide.

Muzzle dogs, training dogs with a man.

Police Technical School in Berlin.

Officers look motorcycles


Nuremberg city parsezdov.

The officers in the courtyard of the fortress, on the observation deck.

Munich, the building of the Pantheon, an honor guard


Security Police collects money from the public through the organization of entertainments.

Operate rides, a policeman at the barrel organ, a military band played.

Police is holding a poster notifying fundraising security police commander Major General Klinger.

Klinger with mug


The celebration of Police Day, sports competitions.

Mass exercises in the hall, the audience Himmler and other police chiefs.

Holiday in the Sport Palace in Berlin, curly riding on motorcycles.

The headlines in the newspaper "Folkesher Beobachter" of the police.

Stand with posters of a football match between the police of Hamburg and Minden.

Views of the channels.

Stadium, played by an orchestra.

Moments of the game.

Mass jogging Potsdam-Berlin.

Oberstpolitsay Berlin Sieger finish zabega.19-21 September 1941 sports competitions at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam.


At the command field.

Shot put, disc 100 Metres, estafeta.massovye exercises on the field, football.

Winner's reward ceremony

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Reel №2


Marsh throw with full ammunition police detachment.

Teachings, overcoming obstacles, shooting at targets.

Overcoming the barbed wire, throwing grenades.

Police SS Division conducts ski competitions.

Banner with a swastika, the finish, the winner.

Slalom in the mountains.

Mass start with arms skiers.

Jumping, throwing grenades, shooting lying.

Story police, Reich Minister Dr.

Frick presents the trophy to the winners, awarding prizes


Innsbruck, the security police in the exercise in the Alps.

View of the mountains, alpine hut, the officers are.

Hikers in the mountains begin to rise with the help of ropes, hammering hooks Mountaineers on top.

The descent from the "wounded" on a stretcher.



Firefighters of the security politsii.general in parts, he stands in front of the soldiers, bypasses system, inspects fire fighting equipment.

Teachings of fire brigades.

Untwist the hose, extinguishing the fire at the school layout.

Special fire-retardant suits.

General welcomes the soldiers out of the car.

Police in cleaning the devastation after the bombing.

Garbage collection, IIF

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Reel №3


police building in Oranienburg.

Flag Raising.

General von Eck /? / In parts, bypassing the system.

Teachings of the police, they run along the trench, firing rifles.

General oversees teachings




Parade SS.Vperedi division officer on horseback, is a military band.

Parade at the Arc de Triomphe.

Police Story, drummers

The security police on the front.

Tank rides on the field, armored car in the mud.

Taking the village.

Locals in the huts, their faces.

Police passes the house, collects the inhabitants of the house.

The soldiers pulled the car out of the mud, go on.

On the way, go carts, is the infantry.

Crosses in the cemetery of fallen soldiers

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Reel №4


Go carts, soldiers marching along the dusty road.

Halt, soldiers drinking coffee, watered the horse soldiers.

Armored vehicles near the river, crossing on a pontoon bridge.

General in the car.

Sanitary wagon carts.

The broken bridge.

The soldiers are building a new bridge, knock together the platform of logs, piles hammered.

The new bridge is a technique, infantry


Passing through the town.

The ruins of the houses, the local market, there are women with products.

Domes of churches.

The airfield, aircraft stands.

Arrival and generals Ryuge Mülchi, they ride in a car near the village.

A pointer to the road.

Go soldiers drag a cannon.

An observer with binoculars.

Fighting Security Police.

The radio operator at the transmitter.

Shoot gun.

The soldiers surrendering.

The detachment in the forest.

Locality, burning houses.

A German soldier climbs the dome of the Church, hoisting the Nazi flag.

Fighting in the winter.

SS Police Division in the attack.

Shoot gun.

In the skies of enemy aircraft.

The soldier hit the bell.

From the pop-up shelter soldiers removed from the masking guns.

Antiaircraft gun shoot at the aircraft.

Soldiers fired from a bunker.

The emblem of the Security Police

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