With my own eyes (1942)

Documentary №67226, 2 parts, black-white
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Reel №1

Russian steppe, riding a cart.

In the village comes from the commandant agitator, it passes by the court, in which a man chopping wood Basil.

Agitator hangs a poster about the remarkable life of the peasants in Germany.

Approached Basil disbelief doubt it.

Agitator offers him to go along with the others on the tour to Germany to see with their own eyes.

The commandant's office, he asked the German officer to include Basil of the tourists.

The number of delegates included workers, farmers, teachers.

All sit in the bus, driving on compacted dusty track.

Basil naively wondered whether there is in Germany are good roads.

German sarcastically responds that such "good" they do not have.

The path is from Smolensk to Germany.

The border, the soldiers opened the gate.

Landscapes Germany, neat houses, children are satchels vshkolu.

Asphalt roads.

First stop, the village that travelers take out of town.

They stop in the rustic restaurant, drink beer.

Then go on the train to Leipzig.

From the train window with views of villages, cultivated areas.

Everywhere order and peace work in spite of the 4th year of the war.

Leipzig Train Station.

The driver of the number of tourists staring at a new type of locomotive

Key words

Germany, agriculture, peasants, propaganda, the Soviet Union, World War 2

Reel №2


Propagandstsky film.

Repeat from the border to the central station of Leipzig.

The railway station in Leipzig, interior view.

One of the areas of Leipzig with the palace and monuments.

Travelers go on.

Modern trails, terrain types.

Farmer plowing with horses.

Across the river is a small medieval old town.

The city gates of the fortress, the fortress.

Buildings reflecting in the water channel.

City Market, look eksukrsanty goods, buy souvenirs home.

Carousel on the square.

Travelers also decide to ride


City replaces the city.

The bus arrives in Ulm.

City Hall.

The highest church in the world 161-meter H1U century.

Hermitage neighborhood Bayreuth, fountains time of Frederick the Great.

Further way, beautiful nature.

Munich, travelers drink beer.

The huge cathedral, the church in the Gothic style.


Pantheon in honor of those killed during the Munich Putsch in 1923.

Watch heroes graves.

University of Munich.

Russian fall on practical training for medical students.

The professor makes a demonstration operation.

Dorm students.

Lounge, a student at the piano, others read books and newspapers.

A room in a hostel.

Classes gimnatsikoy girls, they do exercises with hoop

Key words

Germany, attractions, tour, monuments, canal, farmers, fair, river, entertainment, city
Germany, the city, attractions, cathedral, church, transportation, Gos.uchrezhdeniya, students, science, medicine, literature, media, education

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