Indian navy. (1942)

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Director: Bacha R.A. Bacha R.A

Operators: Mistri Keki. Bilimoria Minu

Reel №1

A sailor in the ship's bell ringing, Mountain trumpeter.

Raising of the flag, the coat of arms of the fleet in India.

Officers in kayutkompanii.

The ship in the sea, the view from the ship over the city.

In the old days the fleet used for trade.

Raja and his servant, he considers precious stones, pearls, watches drawing sailboat.

Pictures: Fort, sailboat, portrait G.M.S.Gangesa, first used sailboats for military purposes.

World War I.

The German army parade.

The war at sea, the ship's explosion.

Battle in Tussome in the Suez Canal in 1915 / drawing /.

The ship, flag, gun.

Typography, is a stream of newspapers.

Poster 1939 "declared war on Germany."

Bombay, sailors parade.

Indian Navy participated in the battles in the Atlantic, Africa, elsewhere.

Buses with soldiers.

Recruits undergo a medical examination, issuance of uniforms.

Military school of India.

Trumpeter gives rise signal.

Students jump with bunk beds.

Are built on the field, drill, exercise, jumping goat.

Learn to row a boat.

The sailor at the helm.

The sailors on the deck of learning to knit knots.

School signalers.

Students learn to apply flags signals learn Morse code.

School fight against submarines.

Lecture in the auditorium, training sessions with gas masks.

Establishment of mechanical training, founded in 1938.


Operate on different machines.

In his spare time, students involved in sports.

Hockey, football, boxing.

Students dine, entertain.

The concert on the ship.

Story sailors.

Sailors marching down the street.

Since things are sent to the ship.

Indian ships are part of the convoy.

Sailor looking through binoculars.

Antiaircraft guns, cannons on the ship.

There are Italian planes bombed.

With the Indian ship hit anti-aircraft guns.

Downed bomber.

Military ship commissioned sailors.

The guns look to the sky.

The rise of the Indian Navy flag

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India Navy, gos.simvolika, sailboats, World War 1, the parade, school, sports