The cup, which invigorates (1940-1949)

Footage №67252, 1 part, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Khandpur K.L. Kandpur K.L
Camera operators:Shinde S.R

Reel №1

Tea - the cheapest and obscheupotreblyaemy drink.

Illustration of tea in different countries: the Japanese tea ceremony, an English drink tea with milk and sugar, the American - with ice and lemonade, tea party with Russian samovar, Kashmiris - with soda and salt, the Mongols - with fat and salt.

Many people believe that tea tree imported to India, but it is not.

Tea bushes grow long in India, which cover an area of ​​over 800,000 acres of land.

India produces 550 billion tons of tea, most of which is exported.

Map of India, tea plantations spread scheme.

Bear Tea in boxes, loaded into wagons to trucks, trains, ships.

Falling rain of coins.

Tea plantations in southern India.

Woman with baskets of harvested leaves.

The seeds of the tea plant, sprouts, seedlings planted in the ground.

Farmers loosened ground, thin out the bushes, pruning Trunk cleaner.

Spring, women collect tender green leaves.

Tea in the factory, it is dried, izelchayut.

Sort of tea: green, black.

Experts tasting tea.

Tea steamed in banks, packed in bags.

tea exports to various countries of the world.

People drink tea in different countries, tea is served in the cafe, in the hospital, on holiday

Key words

India, agriculture

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