The work of the United Nations. (1940 - 1949)

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Director: Cinkaljski E.

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Reel №1

The UN building is raised 59 flags of different countries.

Go staff peddler mail departments.

The document dated 27 September 1946 for the signature of the Secretary-General Trygve Lie UNRRA organization of emergency assistance to children. 1945.

Children all over the world know the word of UNRRA, which helped them.

Ruins of Poland, homeless children.

Fits truck with packages, children distribute food, clothes, shoes.

Stash, Mary and Janek from a bereaved family, they live in the basement, the doctor comes to them, offer hospitalized Janek and Maria and Stasa send to the orphanage.

In Janek tiuberkulez.

After Lyman stood at the head of UNRRA Fiorello La Guardia, it is with the people, the children eat.

Hospital, Janek with the Sisters of Mercy, it is recorded in the office, weighed, measured, sheared, then sent on to the balcony where he can lie on the air, give a glass of milk, Stash and Mary in an orphanage in Svidshe.

Bedroom, dining room, children play with the turtle, the girls in the room.

UNRRA has ceased to exist after the conference in Geneva, chaired by La Guardia.

Polish delegate Dr.

Reitman offers to create a new fund to help the children.

Crying children.

Soviet delegate Andrei Gromyko says about children.

Frenchman Parodi, the Soviet delegate Kokushko.

Fund Establishment, carry mail

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UN children, Poland, ruins, illness, conference gos.deyateli, personalities

Reel №2

Children waiting for the decision of fate.

Janek worse, he coughs.

Children lick the empty plates, Mary needed a new drug.

The Economic Council has approved the idea of ​​establishing the fund.

The technical department of the UN translate, print and distribute documents.

The question submitted to the General Assembly.

Delegates from different countries.

Personnel chronicle of the war: the bombing, nuclear explosion, the starving, the ruins.

Resolution on the organization of the Fund, 28 nations signed the document.

The water destroyed the country are beginning to enter the food, clothing and medicines.

The port is unloaded.

Production of medicines.

Polish sugar is sent to Austria, Italian rice in Yugoslavia, fish from Ireland to Bulgaria, milk from the United States to Poland.

Loads, children handing out food. 31 countries covered by the fund.

Demonstrations of children in different countries.

Scandinavian Red Cross and the International Organization of Health conducts a medical examination of 50 million children in Europe, Africa, South America.

Stash doing vaccinated against tuberculosis.

Doctor gets streptomycin, Mary makes an injection, it is better.

Children dance in the dance

Key words

UN Chronicle, children starving, the port, the Red Cross, medicine