Ways to Strength and Beauty (1925)

Documentary №67259, 9 parts, black-white
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Director:Viljgeljm Prager
Camera operators:Pauljman,Fridrih Vajnman,Ojgen Hrih

Reel №1

Germany. "The ancient Greeks and us."

The architectural and sculptural monuments of ancient Greece.

Physical Education held there the same place as the spiritual culture.

Dramatization: "Gimnazion" as a place of physical training.

Boys zaniamyutsya various sports: wrestling, discus throwing.

Running, boxing.

Grammar 1920s.

Class, the teacher said the students listen.

The bourgeoisie did not play sports.

Restaurant, gentlemen dancing, drinking, playing orkestr.50-year-old, not to see the playground, and 62-year-old athlete on the bike.

Gotsling-59-year-old athlete, winner of the marathon competition.

Train Gotsling he runs.

The sofa is the fat woman, considering magazines, which shows the slender female figure.

He looks at himself in the mirror, flings the magazine.

The picture shows the dancer Claire Bauer, it shows exercise / jumping rope, flexion and extension on the floor, bending and others. /.

Visitors to the museum looking at antique statues.

Statue "comes to life"

Key words

Germany, sports, population, Gos.uchrezhdeniya, education, entertainment, media, personalities, sculpture, monuments, museum

Reel №2


Hygienic Gymnastics.

Exercising is essential for children as a means of prevention of rickets.

Exercises for the 5-month-old children pokazyvakt Neumann-Neyrode-founder of the systems and methods of children's gymnastics.

He's with children of preschool age near the poles, the children climb on them.

The girl climbs on a pole.

Physical education as a means to eliminate physical defects.

Children do exercises under the guidance of the teacher, jump.

Lessons from the Swedish wall.

Correction of spinal curvature on the system Clapp Professor crawl.

Cool crawling against a lateral curvature of the spine / scoliosis /.

Shooting rocking.

Baby crawling on the carpet.

Showing sedentary work, disfiguring figure / shoemaker, seamstress /.

Morning gymnastics in front of an open window

Key words

Germany, sports, kids, medicine, science, celebrities

Reel №3


The man continues to do morning gimnatsiku.

Multskhemya breathing is normal and a person sedentary work.

Learning to breathe properly.

School respiratory and hygiene and gymnastics A.Glyukera in Stuttgart.

Learning to breathe correctly by receiving the "dragging" the breast ropes.

Pantomimic exercises.

Man imitates discus throwing, wrestling, running on a chariot.

A woman in a corset, multskhema.

Achieving the Greek ideal of beauty. / Women's Image on ancient Greek vases /.

Silhouettes alive.

Women in tunics dancing in the meadow

Key words

Germany, sports, women, art,

Reel №4


Field with eared wheat.

Rapid: deer jumping over a pole.

Girls in bikinis run across the clearing.

Silhouettes of naked girls in the movement.

Skating rink on the mountain boys.

Sense of rhythm.

Education rhythmic movements.

Gellerausskaya school music.

Rhythmic exercises on the river bank.

School rhythms Ilse Larsen in Salzburg.

Children dressed in tunics, move, run by women signal

Key words

Germany, sports, teaching, children, celebrities, river

Reel №5


Girls perform rhythmic movements in a park.

Rhythmic exercises performed by young men Bode system: stress and weakening of the muscles "expressive movement," according to the method of Alice Bloch..

Exercises have two girls on a glade.

Demonstrating the beauty of rhythmic movement / naked girls in the forest /.

School Logeland raising a rhythmic movement, breathing exercises.

Anna German School in Charlottenburg / she performs various exercises Logeland system.

American Besse Mensendik and its system of exercises to strengthen the female body.

Anna Gegeman School in Hamburg.

Exercising in her system at the seashore.

A group of girls doing exercises on the lake.

Exercises ipravlyayuschie all defects of various body parts

Key words

Germany, sports, youth, school, medicine, sea, lake

Reel №6


Dance as rhythmic vyrachenie perzhivany men at different stages of development of human culture.

Dance of the savages, group dances in African tribes.

Hindu boys dance on Burma.

School gymnastic dance of Rudolf Laban.

Higher achievement and excellence in ballet dance hit.

Train dancer Claire Bauer, helps her coach.

Australian dancer Gres Christie takes the traditional "dance of masks."

Nidda Impekoven dance "Munich coffee warmers".

Waltz as a curvature of the spine means.

Ballet dance.

Rehearsal of the ballerina Krasavina.

Dance Krasavina from Rapid.

Dance artist Mary Vigmar takes the final choreographic drama "Journey"

Key words

Germany, the arts, sports, medicine, personality, school, ballet

Reel №7



Discus Throw, Shot Put / Rapid /.

The world record in the pole vault, Charlie Hoff / Norway / -snyato rocking.

A group of American athletes.

Leap American Harold Osborne in height.

Running Finnish champion Nurmi.

The competition in the race for the Berlin stadium.

Tennis, the best tennis player of America Ellen Vils.

Playing in the park with Vills Langley

Key words

Germany, sports, celebrities, stadium

Reel №8


Vils in the game, Langley / Rapid /.

Stadium is a rugby game, running, training German champion Franz Diener, working with sand bag.

Jiu-jitsu in Japan / is a game called Judo /.

Jiu-jitsu is a knack.

Match fighters.

Throwing the hammer, shot put.

Exercises on the bar.

Master horizontal bar Rudolph Kobs. / Rapid /

Key words

Germany, sports, celebrities, stadium

Reel №9


outdoor exercises.

Proper use of the sun, water aozduhom.

Games children.

Urban children are swimming in the pond.

Pond in the north-western district of Berlin.

Swimming in the lake Wannsee, Sunday rest near the water, beach.

Soyatzanie on Indian boat / canoe /.


Hans Lieber, German champion in diving.

Johnny Weissmuller / Tarzan who played / -chempion American swimmer ahead of the competition.

Erich Radzemaher-best swimmer in the style of "Brosse".

Holiday "Poseidon" in Berlin, the victory Rademarheda June 19, 1926.

Winter sport.

View resort in St.

Moritz in Switzerland.

Morning exercises, brothers athletes Neff.

Sledding / bob /.

Figure skating at the ice park.

Phil Tayler / Canada / skating.

Ski competitions, pryzhdki jumping.

Horse skiing, cross-country skiing cross-country.

In "Gimnazione" ancient Greece.

Mass jogging / 20s /.

Mass sports festival.

The parade of athletes at the stadium, go to the column.

Athletes do exercises

Key words

Germany, sports, children, recreation, entertainment, celebrities, movies, hits, stadium, lake, resort

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