In a country of cannibals (1910-1919)

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SSHA.V New York movie expedition was equipped at the Novo-Gabridskie island.

Expedition leader Martin Johnson and his wife.

Sailing ship on the high seas.

On the shore of the island of Espirito Santo, there was a group of natives dwarfs.

They welcome travelers.

Martin near natives touches jewelry in the ears.

He lights.

When Johnson began shooting, dwarfs were afraid.

Martin pulls out of dwarf shrubs, forced to stand in front of the machine.

Hales another.

Seeing that the device is safe, the natives began to take off.

He removes the wife of Johnson.

The native is playing on a makeshift tune.

Johnson sets the device native onions.

Gives natives cigarette, he eats it.

Johnson needs to spit out, gives another.

Shows a revolver, results in the hands of the natives, shows how to shoot.

Leaving the island of Santo, the unit is sent to the southwestern Gulf Islands Mallicolo, kaniballizma center.

There is a boat.

On the shore of the island going armed group of natives, a belt of bark replaced them clothes.

Johnson's wife jumps out of the boat, he refers to the natives.

It was decided to await the arrival of the remaining armed group.

Head unit natives.

Sail boat on the river in the village.

Along the way decide to get the fish. "Jammed" dynamite it is collected in the boat.

Approaching the shore, pulled her

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Reel №2

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SShA.Kogda squad arrived, they all went inland.

On the New Gabridskih Islands still exists the custom of cannibalism.

Devouring the stranger, they believed that inherit their power and deprive them of the possibility of revenge spirit.

Devouring relatives and tribesmen explained by the desire to possess their soul.

Cannibal, keeping his head eaten by the enemy and the mummy ancestor.

Shows head.

Religious dance of cannibals eaten in honor of an ancestor of the priest.

They run around in disguise, bear head.

The native swings before idols.

Cabin with trophies / skull /.

Cannibal the fire with his head eaten ancestor.

Preparations skulls around him Johnson.

The native gets woven pouch head shows.

Part of the island called Tanemaro Bai, the residence of the most ferocious and powerful leader Nagapaty.

The detachment is going to the residence.

On the way across the natives.

The natives in the bow stick.

The natives curiously inspect the white skin Johnson.

The native, like a monkey.

Nagapata invites Europeans to his palace.

Fording the river, go to the bush

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Reel №3

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SShA.Rezidentsiya Nagapaty, sits a woman with children.

Nagapaty Five women sitting at the cabin, the other four at the time work on the land.

Johnson arranges film session in the village.

The native turns the handle unit.

Tensioned screen.

Johnson's wife among the natives.

After the session kanibally started to take the Europeans for magicians and wizards.

Look at the screen, if there was anything there.

The next day, all readily removed.

Sit on the ground ..

You hear the drumbeat.

This signal indicates that the part of the neighboring tribe is preparing an attack.

The natives dancing.

Nagapata makes it clear to Europeans that they should return to the ship.

The detachment sent on the road fall natives who carefully watched.

On the banks of the three natives watching the ship.

In the morning it turned out that yesterday's re-enactment of the attack was done to hide the Europeans night feast.

Kaniball holding a human flesh.

Johnson's wife gives natives tobacco.

Nagapata accompanies the squad on the ship and even floats take off part of the way.

Gift Nagapaty fruit-replacing the tropics potatoes.

Nagapata with people leaving the ship

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Reel №4

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SShA.Po way to Lombabubu, Mallicolo center.

Tropical virgin forest on the banks.

The tribe, which lives on the trees because of the swamps and fear of wild animals.

Climb trees.

Build natives gradually adapted to the conditions of life in the trees.

The native eats fruits, fruit.

War Dance of the tribe.

The island Tokman.

It is common practice to delay the infant's head, making it subsequently takes an oblong shape.

Native with a child, his head bandaged.

Johnson's wife takes the child in his arms.

This bandage is removed only at the age of eight.

Children, adults and the elderly.


The natives are on the shore.

Seeing the squad.

The natives waving spears, bows, ran to the shore.

The ship hit the road.

On board the vessel.

Johnson and his wife.

Lopevi volcano view.

Sky, sunset

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