Sven Geden the deserts of Asia. (1928)

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In 1927, the Swedish explorer Sven Gediya researcher Tsentarlnoy Asia-committed expedition of Bao Tou / Inner Mongolia / in the province of Xin Jiang / Chinese Turkestan / from Urumqi.

The expedition passed along the western border and visited the dead city of Hara-Hoto.

Sven Hedin on the background of the tent.

Hand opens satin pencil shows China and Mongolia.

Bao Tou-end point of the Beijing-Sui-Yuan Railway-cent Chinese colonization.

Inner Mongolia.

The gates of the city are protected against attacks of the Chinese peasant detachments and the Mongolian partisans.

The fortress wall.

Inside the fortress, guarding the gates, the soldiers are coming.

Shopping malls.

Right on the street working masters, merchants near the shops.

The wooden cage suspended from a severed human head Mongolian partisan.

Residents look at the terrible sight.

Playing chips.

It is expected the arrival of the Mongol prince Sunni-wang.

On the road, they spread canvases.

A car pulls up, on the steps of the protection.

So the prince with his wife and child.

Prince shows travelers Mongolian wrestling.

Travelers eating with chopsticks that is not easy.

Prince smokes a long pipe.

Travelers returning to the camp, too late, the gate is closed.

They come from across the drainage channel.

The April weather, snowing.

Camels lying on the snow.

Mongol with primitive tools to drill holes.

The expedition is preparing for the journey.

Sven Hedin examines cargo.

The cargo is sent to a holding camp-caravan 200 km north of Bao Tou.

Inn, travelers rest, cook.

According to the map showing the way of follow-Bao Tou on Gotya.

goes caravan

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Reel №2


Halt the river, put up tents, cook an oven.

Camp, with hand bell signals.

Camels drink by the river.

Flag over the tent.

May the wind blows from the table mug.

People carry a tent.

In one of the sounding balloon tents.

Expedition Member looks into the instrument, Mongol shows how to determine the strength of the wind and the height of the clouds.

Issued by a meteorological balloon.

Sven Gelin talking in the tent with the Mongolian officer, agree to purchase horses.

Catching broncos.

Satellites expedition: the eagle, Antelope Dik-Dik / feeds her goat / dog Rubbi.

Mink peeps targaban-marmot.

Laces Groundhog exported from Mongolia to Europe and America.

Rubbi finds a hedgehog.

Borba two lizards.

Stray actors.

They speak to the travelers.

The expedition of 300 camels.


In a saucepan lie coins, this Mexican dollars.

Before going to need a haircut, stregut camel.

The Mongols treated with camel's hair.

Thick rope from it, thread, yarn, wool.

Navyuchivayut camels.

Starts collection on the road

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On the map is marked further marshrut.850 km Edsingola.

Caravan comes in the Gobi sands.

The bones of fallen camels on the road.

Camels from the heat load and begin to rage, run.

They stopped free.

Near the monastery lamayskogo "Shand-Sume".

The building of the monastery, its dome.

Rest of the expedition.

Leader-grandfather of camels head.

Sven Geden learns about the upcoming celebration in the church, talking with Lama.

Monastery, general view of the house.

One of the entrances to the temple.

Living God Temple takes believers.

He sits on a throne.

Go believers bow at the entrance, looking into a god.

Adoration of the gods in the day of the feast "Maidari".

The Mongols bow and touch the wool, hung on the door of the temple.

In the hands of the believers huge silk embroidered image of the goddess "Maidari".

Carry a litter, a crowd of the faithful.

Holiday open five-meter pipes that carry several people.

In a solemn procession around the temple of the goddess statue twine "Maidari" and its satellites.

Sacred dance in front of the palace.

Musicians in the hands of the plates, pipes.

Mongolian women, their decorations ..


Dance masks.

Believers tray lamas prayer shawls.

These ppodarki Lama then sell the believers.

Among people maskers

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Caravan is in the sand.

Camels loaded with.

Due to the lack of water and food I had to make a long halt.

The Mongols are digging the sand, get to the wet layer, draw water into the pots, tubs.

Watered the camels.

On the sand of the desert are the two skiing, they go to the camp.

Passed peschanyy whirlwind road tracks are included.

Advanced go in search of the road on camels.



Caravan reaches the ruins of Hara-Hoto.

Ruined walls of the dead city of Hara-Hoto, which was opened Russian explorer Kozlov.

Go through the city.

The expedition reached the river Edzingol, crossing.

Pull out the fallen camel

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At the halt of the expedition members instigate competition.

Wrestling, running from one side of the river to another.

Dik-Dik hurry to competitions, jumping into the water.

Several members of the expedition sent to explore the river.

Boat carved from a single log, it is lowered into the water, rowing poles.

The first ice on the river, behind the wheel of the boat Gaslund, helmsman Sven Hedin.

Beach in the bushes and trees, there are camels drink water.

Camp flag.

Members of the expedition returned to the camp.

It was getting cold.

From the skins tailor things makeshift boots and boots.

Rumors about the expedition reached the individual regions.

The Mongols are, talk to Sven Hedin.

Accompany the expedition to the village, where they were waiting for stol.8 November 1927 expedition towards Hami.

Map, route 800 km.

Farewell to the residents.

The weather station was left behind.

Days and weeks go on the road in the desert.

Sands is a caravan.

Lean shrub.

Sven, sitting on a camel, working on the move, he writes something in a notebook.

Cradle Dick-Dick

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Moon in the sky.

In the desert whirlwind passes, he takes down a tent, but it is difficult to hold.

All in the sand, and dust.

It ripped off the tent, all helping to raise her, run after the departing rope.

Four days later, the calm.

All collected.

Sven ill, he carried on a stretcher.

Suddenly comes the winter.

The caravan goes through the snow in the mountains.


Exhausted camels in the snow.

Part of the expedition left behind because Sven and exhausted camels.

People are forgiven, the caravan moves dalsche.

Rises blizzard, no stock in humans.

A traveler with a gun goes for prey, but to no avail, it is necessary to kill the camel.

A great crossing of the mountain range "Carling-Tag".

The expedition is in the snow, one picks up the snow, eating.

In the mountains, the expedition gets to the village Shaup, immediately, go across the bridge.

Residents of the village, the girl covers her face, the Mongols found for camel feed-hay.

Supporting the group goes for Sven.

The expedition is to the west, it descends into dolinu.8 January 1928 arrive in the city of Hami.

Street of the city, the walls of the fortress.

Goes into the net.

Dogs bark.

Residents greeted the expedition.

Hang flags.

Go down the street, accompanied by the local authorities

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Reel №7



On the map further route Urumqi-up his 630 km.

Hami City, its residents.

A child with a donkey.

Cargo ekspedeitsii passed on to the cart, driven by horses.

Off-road, the horses sinking.

Ride along the sandy plains and rocky deserts.


Near the gorge is the city carved into the rocks, Betseklik temples, famous excavations of the Berlin Museum of Ethnology.

The gorge at the bottom of the river flows.

The steps of the temple, the arch.

Here, under the guidance of Professor Lecoq and Grunwedel found wall paintings.

Gallery walls, images of the gods.

In a large oasis town of Turpan lies.

The street, the people go.

Seller cakes.

Beggars singers, the audience.

Barber outdoors.

A steep trail leads to cooler area.

On wagons expedition is going up.


Turns among the rocks.

Crossing the river.

At the foot of the mountain Bogda Ula / 6000 m / Urumqi, the main city of the province of Xinjiang, the end point of the expedition.

The walls of the fortress, visible in the distance a temple.

The gates of the city.

The streets become impassable in the spring of swamps.

Tupan Xinjiang rotate the spring in the impassable swamp.

Equestrian squad accompanies carriage tupan.

Soldiers Orchestra.

The expedition comes to the palace.

Servants carried trays food at the table.

Tupan leaves.

Behind all the difficulties

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