Selection of the Polish military and instructional films (1920-1929)

Footage №67319, 6 parts, duration: 0:54:08, black-white
Director:Viktor Begenjskij

Reel №1

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Squad to the combat positions.

Legionaries lay down in the grass.



resistance nests "the enemy."

General form.

The commander sees them through binoculars.

The enemy on the positions.

The commander gives the order to open fire.

Opponent responds bursts.

Incorrect Position: all grenadiers lined up in one line.

The enemy is easy to hit.

The detachment is forced to retreat.

A squad is shooting at the enemy.

Error: detachment forgotten combat support gun.

The fire has been suspended.

Fire Renewable after the ammunition for the machine gun

Key words

Poland, War, equipment, troops

Reel №2

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Further development of the attack.

Grenadiers continue the offensive.

Shooting a machine gun.

Grenadiers / Marines / moving vperebezhku.

The enemy is trying to bombard the infantry.

Erroneous actions grenadiers facilitating enemy action.

The movement of grenadiers groups, leading to significant losses in personnel.

Grenadiers dyizhutsya crawling.

The danger of such a move in open terrain.

The enemy infantry fires.

Proper maintenance of the attack.

Dashes under the guise of natural protection / bushes, hills /.

The slow movement of the infantry forward

Key words

Poland, War, equipment, troops

Reel №3

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Preparations for the assault.

Prepare bayonets and hand grenades.

Features rush: the need for rapid recovery and short jumps.

Danger long jumping, produced by several soldiers.

Enemy shelling fleeing Marines.

The shelling of enemy positions.

One of the grenadiers throwing a grenade into a nest of resistance.

Attack after granatometaniya.

Extracted height.

Pulling guns.

Reflect enemy counter

Key words

Poland, War, troops, equipment, weapons, soldiers

Reel №4

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Titles on the significance of its chairman LPPO.Portret-Mostsitskogo.

Map of Warsaw and local committees location LPPO.Dannye of the League members.

Building vashavskogo and local aerodynamic institute built on the initiative of the Institute LPPO.Laboratorii.

The building of the Chemical Institute, also built with the participation of the League.


Scientists at work.

Utility factory shop.

Airfields in Katowice, Vilnius.

Angara in Lutsk, Lvov, Warsaw, Czestochowa, Vilnius.

Hangar and administatorsky body in Lodz.

erodroma Office in Lviv, Lutsk, Katowice.

The weather station in Vilnius.

The school building aircraft mechanic in Bydgoszcz.

The rooms, classrooms.

The completion of the flying school in Lviv

Key words

Poland, Gos.uchrezhdeniya, schools, airport, academics, photo, industry, personalities

Reel №5

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The film was created on the initiative of the Society of military knowledge and school podhorunzhih Island Mazowiecki.

Rota is sent to the place of exercise.

The advance party in a building in the village.

Place patrol N 1. For him bridgehead.

Well camouflaged observation post.

Field observations.

The other observation posts.

The enemy vanguard.

The enemy does not see through the binoculars are well camouflaged position.

Alternatively, when a bad disguise enemy immediately detects the observation post.

Observation post sends a messenger with a message.

The enemy sneaking up to the supervisory post.

He sipolzuet poor disguise for the post of desertions in the open countryside.

An example of negligence: the guards are flirting with a girl.

This girl tells the enemy explored

Key words

Poland, War, troops, fortifications, woman, exploration

Reel №6

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General view Vidzevskoy manufactory.


Workers at the looms.

Workers in the yard.

Finished fabrics.

Lecturer HAPA conducts classes for women workers.

He explains the device masks.

Mass exercises.

Putting on masks.

The brigade anti-gas defense.

Sport squad.

On the layout.

First aid "poisoned"

Key words

Poland, light industry, woman, exercises, air defense

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