French newsreels of World War period (1917)

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France, 1917 French soldiers give bread German prisoners of war, German prisoners of war get bread at a time.

French soldier draws water from a bucket ladle and pours the best bowlers in the queue for German prisoners of war.

PNRM .: German prisoners of war in line for water.

On the road passes a column of German prisoners of war, accompanied by a convoy of horse on the roadside are trucks, the French soldiers watching the passing of prisoners of war, passing a truck wagon.

The French soldiers were combat engineers repairing the destroyed railway tracks, dismantled the rails.

The street of the ruined city, the German soldiers working on dismantling the debris of destroyed houses on the street are guards - French soldiers with rifles, employees cinematographic department of the French army (Cofala), rides on horseback French officer salutes passing French officer.

German POWs repair the roof, the tiles are laid.

On the streets of the ruined city passes a French general, accompanied by officers.

On the square stand in the ranks of the French soldiers with regimental flag, the French general, accompanied by French and British officers passed down the line, salutes.

The award ceremony Legion of Honor - an honor guard sword unsheathed, the French general concerns sword shoulder officer, attaches to the Order to uniform, kissing on both cheeks.

PNRM .: at the destroyed houses are two French soldiers, one of them holding a envelope, the ruins, the NDP at home: «St.

Cermainmont Villers »on the road passing carts, truck.

On the way along the ruined houses Parade French soldiers, the soldiers look into the movie camera, a soldier dances, drives a car.

French soldiers (behind camping equipment) pass through the town, the NDP at home «O.U. Juzancourt », on the side of the road is an American soldier.

PNRM .: on the outskirts of the village destroyed by grazing herd of black and white horses.

PNRM .: destruction of concrete fortifications, metal stick, French soldiers climbed over broken concrete slabs.

PNRM .: general view of the destroyed village, a French soldier lying on the ground inspects technical equipment.

French soldier playing with a rope tied to the hare, the game watching the French soldiers.

PNRM .: ruined houses, the walls are carts, French soldier postman on scooter, are French soldiers.

PNRM .: crosses on the graves of French pilots, a French soldier holds a bouquet of wild flowers on the grave.

Kind of ruined houses.

PNRM .: French soldiers digging dugouts on the hill elephant, French soldiers preparing food.

General view of the terrain, rising French officers and soldiers on the slope of the ravine.

PNRM .: general view of the destroyed village, destroyed homes.

PNRM .: on the sidelines of the German prisoners of war rake shovel debris, it passes a French soldier-escort on the way a car drives.

German prisoners of war in the excavation hollow earth with picks, shovels dig.

PNRM .: French officer oversees the work of German prisoners of war, French soldiers drive in the beam in the ground, the German prisoners of war to dig the ground.

PNRM .: on the ground are large-caliber shells, stacked in a pile of logs, German prisoners of war to dig the ground, the French soldiers were sawing logs.

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