The Hornet's Nest (1918)

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France, 1918 French officers are on the railway track.

Nailed to the tree board, the NDP: «Crapeaumesnil Fresnieres».

French officers inspect the derailed train.

NDP on the w / e platform: «Breslau».

PNRM .: military equipment boxes, scattered on the ground sleeve from the shells.

On the ground lay the shells, the trench are French soldiers.

A group of German prisoners of war held in the hands of guns.

The landscape: a lone tree in a field on the far plane explosion.

PNRM .: disguised French heavy weapons, artillery calculations.

Caption: "On the Marne."

Marne River, French soldiers are floating in a boat.

Lifting submerged boat.

French soldiers pulled the boat out of the water onto the shore.

Marne River bank.

At the shore in water lying broken carts, barrels, waterlogged boat.

Destroyed bridge, steel structures.

PNRM .: French sappers built a wooden bridge.

On the wooden bridge Fresh boards passing truck, on the banks of the river are logs, planks.

The field passes a group of French cavalrymen, including soldiers of the colonial troops.

On the road is a wagon.

On a dirt road passing truck, heavy gun on a trailer in the back - the French soldiers, wagon rides, a trailer - a field kitchen, pass the French soldiers, wagon rides, a barrel of water in the opposite direction passes a column of German prisoners of war under the escort of the colonial soldiers, the road passes the French cavalry, on the sidelines are French soldiers.

French battery in the box, the guns, gun calculations.

On the streets of the ruined city harnessing pass cannon, on the road there are French soldiers.

On the streets of the ruined settlement tanks drive through the French "Renault FT-17", are soldiers.

He drives a tank "Renault FT-17" takes place, a tank sitting French soldiers.

French officers standing near the fence of barbed wire, watching the passing convoy of German prisoners of war.

French soldiers distribute bread German prisoners of war.

Portraits of German prisoners: adolescents 14-15 years.

Review of the French troops.

French soldiers in the ranks with banners, pass down the line French President R. Poincare, Prime Minister of the French Republic Jean Clemenceau, General A. Peten.

French President R. Poincare presents A. General Petain military medal, shake hands.

Along the failure of the French troops, standing with priklonёnnymi banners, are French President R. Poincare, commander in chief of the Allied Forces, Marshal F. Foch.

August 1918 President of the French Republic by R. Poincare presents F. Foshu marshal's baton, the Prime Minister of the French Republic Jean Clemenceau shaking hands in the background - the French generals.

French President R. Poincare, Prime Minister of the French Republic Jean Clemenceau and others talk with Marshal Foch, greet, shake hands.

Marshal F. Foch in a group of French generals and staff officers making a hand gesture with the marshal's baton.

Home Apartment of the French army.

The Prime Minister of the French Republic Jean Clemenceau, Marshal F. Foch and others watching the French soldiers passing systems, PNRM .: French generals, representatives of the Allied armies.

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