French military Chronicle (1918)

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Titer: Salonica.

A procession takes place for the blessing of the sea.

Greece, Thessaloniki, 1918.

The streets are a religious procession ahead - a military band, carry banners.

Pass members of the clergy, officers of the British and French armies, the Greek officers, soldiers and sailors, civilians.

Titer: Some of the Balkan towns during the French occupation.


General Chretien commanding the troops in occupation.

Bulgaria, Sofia, 1918.

Label: Home Apartment command of the allied forces in Bulgaria.

The building is the headquarters command of the allied forces in Bulgaria, the sentry at the entrance of the door leaves Commander Allied Forces in Bulgaria, General Chretien, accompanied by French officers.

PNRM .: Sofia, the roofs of houses.

Titer: The Sobranie.

PNRM .: area by the building of the National Theatre are officers of the Allied armies, the Bulgarian officers.

PNRM .: facade of the theater.

Titer: The church of St.



Alexander Nevsky.

On the cathedral square are officers and soldiers of the Allied armies, civil, passing rider.

PNRM .: People's Assembly Square, the People's Assembly building Academy of Sciences building, a monument to the Tsar Liberator Alexander II. Titer: Philippopoli.

PNRM .: Philippopolis (Plovdiv) the overall view of the city, the river.

The train station, the sign: Philippople.

The train station, the sign: Plovdiv.

According to the platform along the railway station buildings are military patrol (French colonial soldiers), the Bulgarian officers.

Titer: The market.

PNRM .: market, shopping arcade, the people at the butcher shop, the butcher cut up the carcass.

Past decomposed on the ground product pass men in civilian clothes, a Bulgarian officer.

Titer: Andrinople.

Ottoman Adrianople, 1918.

NDP Arabic script and Latin script: Andrinople.

PNRM .: general view of the city Adrianopl, Selimiye Mosque.

The streets near the mosque are men.

Market, the local people: a woman smokes, the child, the man in the fez.

Titer: The Bulgaro-Turkish frontier post.

The alley of the park is a group of French officers.

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Greece, Bulgaria, the Ottoman Empire, War World, military blocks, the Entente, Army, Christianity, Islam, city, architecture, sculpture, railway transport, railway station, trade

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