War of 1914-15. (1915)

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Titer: La vie "sous terre" de nos poilus.

Titer: Les lignes de feu sont inondees.

PNRM .: river, bush, barbed wire on the flooded areas.

PNRM .: landscape - river, shrubs, view of the coast.

PNRM .: riverbank, trees, view of the flooded areas.

PNRM .: wind, swaying trees, destroyed brick fortifications.

The ruins of brick buildings, the French soldiers prepare food.

Kind of ruined brick house.

PNRM .: French position - the dugout.

Titer: Mais sous cette terre devastee s'ecoule une vie intense: le chef donne ses ordres.

French position: the entrance to the hut, fortified brick.

French officer sitting at a table, smoking a pipe, part of a French officer who gives a piece of paper (the order) in the signature goes.

Titer: Les orders sont aussitot enregistres, a quelques metres de l'ennemi, par un poste telephonique.

PNRM .: dugout - phone post, fortified brick entrance.

French telephone operators at the table in front of telephone equipment, transmit messages over the phone.

Titer: Le soldat, comme a la caserne, veille au bon entretien de son equipement.

French soldiers in the dugout tidy belongings: a French soldier carves something penknife, cleans the signal horn, inspects underwear.

Titer: Le cuistot a ingenieusement amenage ses fourneaux.

Dug-in kitchen, entrance.

PNRM .: shelves with kitchen utensils, a soldier-cook prepares food.

Soldier peeling potatoes.

Titer: Et le poilu son refectoire.

French soldiers are sitting at the table, eating.

Titer: Les heures de repos s'ecoulent a l'abri du froid et des "marmites".

PNRM .: reinforced brick wall of the dugout, the French soldiers at the entrance to the dugout.

PNRM .: interior view of the dugout,  French soldiers are sleeping, playing a board game; double exposure: the image of the haze of sleep, or infiltrated into the room of poison gas.

Titer: Le poste de secours ne chome pas; des boissons chaudes sont distribuees a toute heure.

French soldiers with metal circles stand in line before the point of dispensing hot drinks, hand out the window pouring boiling water into the mugs, the soldiers disperse.

Titer: Les postes de commandement installes par les poilus, sont oevres de veritable architectes.

PNRM .: French position on the hillside, general view wooden buildings, stand near cars and trucks, the French soldiers landscaped grounds.

Titer: Les abris sont garnis de meubles sauves du bombardement et conserves pour etre remis ulterieurement a leurs proprietaires.

PNRM .: room, the wall stand chair, piano, near the stove (stoves) in the chair sits a French officer, the other a French officer submits his folder with papers, the officer looks at the paper, the room includes French officers salute, sit down.

Titer: C'est ainsi que le "colonel" voit son couvert dresse comme en temps de paix.

French officers sitting at a table covered with a white cloth, with the light of a kerosene lamp, drinking wine, talking.

Titer: Pour celui qui conduisit leur regiment a la victoire de Champagne.

French soldiers made tombstone, a tombstone with the inscription: "Here lies the Colonel Prevost, 2nd Infantry Regiment, who fell in battle with the enemy 25/09/15."

Titer: Sorti de terre, le regiment retrouve son pas martial au son des tambours.

On a city street systems are French soldiers, a military band goes ahead: drummers, trumpeters.

Titer: Au Drapeau.

PNRM .: French soldiers in the ranks, the regimental colors, regimental commander receives the report.

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