The approaches to the west. (1944)

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Director: DZhEKSON PET

Operators: KARDIFF DZhEK

Reel №1

2 World War II.

In the Atlantic, lost boat with sailors from the sunken ship Germans "Jason".

Mariners are struggling with the elements.

The sailors shared the food.

Sailors raise the sail on the mast strengthen.

New York view from the sea of ​​skyscrapers.

On the quay ship tanks, planes, military equipment.

From New York to England under the protection of warships sent huge "escort"

Key words

World War 2, the United States, ocean, water transport, machinery military convoy

Reel №2

command staff meeting "convoy".

The main objective of the convoy - stick together under the protection of an escort - German submarines surely try to destroy the convoy.

Fog on the sea.

Ships at sea.

On the map are arrows on K \\ New York.

Boat with "Jason".

Sailors do not lose heart sing.

German radio operator at the machine

Key words

Ocean, Navy, water transport, World War 2

Reel №3

On the ship.

Talking convoy ships.

The boat "Jason" radio operator transmits coordinates the SOS message.

The captain notes on the map the location of the boat.

On the mast mark the days spent at sea.

Airplane in the clouds, the radio operator sends the coordinates, but the plane did not notice them

Key words

Sea, World War 2, water transport, aviation

Reel №4

Captain calms sailors.

The boat on the waves.

Convoy at sea.

Boat with "Jason", the sailors rowing.

The ships cut through the waves.

The sailor at the helm

Key words

sea ​​convoy, Navy, World War 2

Reel №5

The course of the convoy on the map.


German submarine captain looks at pereskop, sees the boat with "Jason".

German radio operator received a message from a boat.

The captain of a submarine makes a decision - to wait for a ship that will come to the rescue and torpedo it.

The ship convoy radio operator receives a message from a boat.

The boat is only 30 miles from the course, and the captain, old captain friend "Jason" decides to find her

Key words

World War 2, the sea, the Navy, water transport, radio

Reel №6

Boat with "Jason".

Silent radio.

The German boat being watched in pereskop.

The ship is paving a new course.

A sailor on the boat saw the smoke on the horizon.

Suddenly, the sailors notice near pereskop, honking ship sparkler

Key words

World War 2, sea, water transport Navy

Reel №7

The Germans are watching the ship.

Captain, a German team has released torpeduS boat danger signals fed to the ship.

The signals are seen, but too late - the torpedo started up.

The explosion, but the destruction of small.

The ship alarm, the sailors are preparing shells

Key words

World War 2, transport the water, escort, explosion, Navy

Reel №8

The captain gives orders, part of the team lowered the boat, leaving the ship to enter the Germans astray.

Germans look to pereskop on empty ship

Key words

World War 2, sea, water transport, the explosion of the Navy

Reel №9

The captain and the sailor ran to the gun, charged him.

The captain of the German submarine decides to rise to the surface.

The boat rises, the sailors come to the surface lrodki to the gun.

The captain and a sailor on the ship opened fire on it from the cannons and machine guns.

A successful hit and the boat starts to sink, the Germans are jumping into the water.

On the Lode "Jason" watch the progress of the battle.

The ship comes to the boat, the sailors climb on board.

The latest rises Captain "Jason" to it in a hurry captain, hugs and helps keep

Key words

World War 2, sea, water transport, navy