In Japan - a country of flowering cherries (1920-1929)

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Floating boat.

The train speeds along the rails.

Travel under the bridge.


Traffic lights.


Types Tokyo streets.

Flowering cherry trees.

Tokyo Streets.


Flowering trees on roadsides.

Yasukuni Shrine, built to commemorate the Japanese who died for their country.

Children walking in the temple.

Gate of the temple.

Various buildings of the temple.

Ueno Park.

The corners of the park.



Corners sacred park with sculptures of the Buddha



Imperial farm.

Blooming trees.

Flock of sheep.

Herd of horses.

Okazehi-northern suburb of Tokyo.

Blooming trees


Racing train.

The views from the train window.

Around flowering trees


Neighborhood Kovakidani in Hakone.

Flowering trees.

Bus rides on the highway in the mountains.

Blooming trees.

View of Mount Fuji.

Fuji in the foreground.

Picturesque buildings.

Kiomitsu Temple in Kyoto.

General form.

Facade of the temple.

Parts of the temple.

Roofs of old buildings.

Gallery in the temple.

Tower Pagoda


Botanical garden in Kyoto.

Girls in the garden


Heian Shrine in Okazaki Park, built in the year 794.

View of the temple.

Two girls.

The roof of the temple.

Facade of the temple.

Antique lanterns ukashayuschie vaults of the temple.

Carved cornices.

Blooming trees.

A copy of the Non complete.

There is only the first part of the picture

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