Annals of War №72 (1920-1929)

Footage №67429, 1 part, duration: 0:07:07, black-white

Reel №1

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Marne near Chateau-Thierry.

River views.

Freed city.


PNRM. cities.

The ruins of houses, the Germans abandoned the barricades.


The ruins of houses.

French soldiers in the street.

German barricade of boxes.

Blow up the bridge.

Burned building.

President of the French Republic in Chateau-Thierry.

He is visiting the city.

President of the City Hall.

He talks to people, going through the German occupation


Marne in Dormansa.

In the foreground-wire fences.


French soldiers dismantled rubble.

German ad on the wall


Panorama of the battlefield in the Châtillon area.

In the foreground, the ruins.

The interior of the ruined church.

A temporary bridge over the Marne.

Completion of construction of the bridge.

The young German prisoner of war in front of the camera.

Abandoned German guns.


French soldiers are deploying cannon toward the German positions, charged projectiles.

The bombardment of German positions.

Clemenceau, accompanied by General Berthelot visited the location of the 33 colonial infantry regiment.

They bypass the guard of soldiers.

Clemenceau presented with flowers.

Clemenceau pins a medal on the flag of the regiment.

The grand building in front of the regiment distinguished guest

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