Construction of the bridge in Moncao. (1935)

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Reel №1


One of the construction sites.




Floating tow.

Unfinished bridge in lesah.

PNRM. a temporary bridge.

View promenade.


Loading wagons

Key words

Germany, construction, bridge, wood, railroad workers

Reel №2


Land under construction bridge.

Building mechanism.


Coating slope.

The operation of the machine.

Builders at the rally.

Nazi flags.

People enthusiastically digging the ground.

Among them, the Nazi officials.

He explains at the blackboard problem builders.

Pile driving.

Construction works.

Workers at the site.

The train goes on uzkoleyke.

Dredgers are choosing ground.

From cars uzkoleyki poured soil.

Dredge the river.

Digging from the bottom of the river

Key words

Germany, construction, bridge, machinery, household, rally, the Nazis, the railway

Reel №3


Construction works.


Coating ground in cars.


Workers wear diver.

He descends into the water.

Diver leaves the water.

Workers at the pump.

Pogruzhaetyas diver back into the water.

Soil Coating.


Compacting concrete.

A train.

Barge with gravel.


Workers clearing site.

Handling of wet soil in cars.

Tamping the soil a special plate.

Workers move the iron beam.

Fence soil

Key words

Germany, construction workers, divers, water transport, equipment, working, river

Reel №4


Construction in the woods.

Workers at the site.

Concrete works.

Moving uzkoleyki rails.

Workers at the mixer.

Unloading concrete.

Concrete workers at work.

Sending a barge.

Installation of piles.

Installation of cross slabs.

Working with wheelbarrows on earth rabotah.

PNRM. construction with crane.

Concrete workers.

Pile driving.

The rise of the metal piles.

its installation

Key words

Germany, construction workers, machinery, forest

Reel №5


Working gantry crane.

Laying floors.

Construction works.

Workers grind logs.

Skidding separate bridge structures.

As a temporary bridge going car.

Work on the construction.

Partially finished most.

PNRM. temporary pontoon bridge.

Installation of the bridge trusses.

Working for the lining piers.

Tiles strengthen stone slabs.

Loading logs.

Transporting logs.

Wooden piles.

As the bridge is ponntonnomu transport


The layout of the pontoon bridge.

Pass the court.

According to a pontoon bridge to be a train.

Ride cyclists.

Reduction of diluted bridge

Key words

Germany, the construction of the bridge, workers, transport Germany, bridge, water transport, railway, river

Reel №6


The layout of the bridge.

After a span of passing ships.

Reduction of the bridge.

Fills rails.

Continuation of construction works.

Partially finished a new bridge.

Installation of farms.

Construction works.

Concrete workers and fitters at work.

Laying farm structures.


Partially finished bridge during construction.

Construction works.



Key words

Germany, construction, bridge, water transport

Reel №7

Germany. / Part 1 19382 copies /.

The train is on the temporary bridge.

A train.

View from the river.

Work on the new bridge.

Riveting work.

on a partially rebuilt Bridge View.

passenger train should be on temporary bridge.

ride trucks

Key words

Germany, the construction of the bridge, workers, transport

Reel №8

Germany. / Part 2 copies N 19382 /.

The temporary bridge.

Pass the court.

Completed the construction of the new bridge.

Strengthening the latest design.

Span with the Nazi swastika.

The inscription on the design / laid August 10, 1935 /.

General view of the bridge in Moncao.

Landscapes shot from the window of a train carriage, riding on the new bridge

Key words

Germany, construction, bridge, water transport, railway, Nazis, Gos.simvolika