Medieval monasteries in Serbia. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Bozha Miljkovich

Operators: A.Glishich,Ivannikov

Reel №1


Yugoslavia map, isolated area Moravska Banovina.

Town of Zica.

View of the monastery.

Bell tower.

Church with an icon.

The ancient mosaics, frescoes, carved


Borough Lyubostinya.

General view of the monastery.


Interior view of the bell tower.

Borough Lazarika, view of the monastery, the individual elements of interior decoration.

Dilapidated tower.

Borough Kalsnik.

View of the monastery.


The town of Manas.

General view of the monastery, frescoes on the walls.

Dilapidated locks.

Borough Kavnitsa.

Tumbledown monastery.


In the bell tower.

Ancient frescoes.

Monastery Miner.

Monastery of St.

Stephen, his general view


On the stairs a peasant girl.

Zica, PNRM. areas.


Tower with a cross, the icon above the entrance.

Login, beggar and the monk.


Cobblestone courtyard.

Elements of decor closeup.

The frescoes, the chapel, it comes from two monks.

Wooden carved door.

At the monastery, two monks march.

General view of the monastery.

The old monk at the tomb of Valerian monk.

the monastery View from the monastery cemetery


Lyubostinya Monastery Empress Milica.

General form.

In the center, the church.

The frescoes on the walls.

The nuns belong to the church.

Elements of decor closeup.

The nuns abbess kiss his hand.

Church portal, fresco Mary with Child.

View of the church bell tower.


Nuns before meals, pray, sit down.

Girl reading a novice.

Leisure nuns: for needlework in the apiary


Lazarika Monastery King Lazar, general view.

View of the bell tower of the church, decorative elements.

The main portal.

Elements of interior decoration.

The door to the altar.


General view of the interior of the church.


View of the monastery


Kalenić monastery church-pearl arhmtektury Yugoslavia.

General view of the cathedral.

Stone carving, moldings.

View of the church.


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