Battle of Ancrum. (1916)

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Reel №1

United Kingdom.

Stockpiled products.

Delivery of products and fodder by rail.

Unloading a platform overload vans.

departing vans

United Kingdom.

Troops on vacation.

The troops for the campaign.

Go soldiers.

They wave their helmets.

Artillery wagon.

The Royal Welsh arrows and avtsraliytsy follow in the trenches.

Shifting 8-inch howitzers to combat positions.


Laying special flooring to facilitate the movement of troops.

Engineering of the laid flooring

United Kingdom.

Preparation shells.

The movement of troops.

Soldiers are on the road.

Delivery of ammunition.

Horses get stuck in the mud.

On a rest.

Cavalry drink coffee.

Continued movement fighting positions

United Kingdom.

Getting interesting bombardment of German positions.

Aiming guns.

The gun charge.

The gun shoots.

Distribution of special cloth boots for predvizheniya the trenches.

Preparation of the detonators.

Preparing for battle tanks.

Tank rides on the field

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Reel №2

United Kingdom.

People and vehicles moving to the front.

British guns firing at German positions.

Battery 6-inch howitzer shells on the position of the Germans, received the order to open fire.

The officer corrects battery fire

United Kingdom.

Preparing trucks for removal of the wounded.

View British positions.

Preparing bombs.

Distribution of food the night before the attack.

The soldiers eat, smoke

United Kingdom.

Battery 8-inch howitzers opened fire.

Shooting guns of the British.

Calculation with guns.

Massive fire.

Paramilitary calculations hurried lunch in pause until the shells open trunks.

Delivery of food to the forefront.

The Irish took the trench.

The tank moves to the forefront.

The commander of the tank with your pet, black cat.

The gun of the tank.

Continued shelling of German positions.

Shooting guns.

The soldiers in the trenches, preparing for battle.

The shelling of the enemy trenches

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Reel №3

Velikobritaniya.6.20 morning.

Gave the order to go on the offensive.

Tanks move to the barbed wire of the enemy.

Scottish soldiers in the trenches waiting for the signal.

They go on the attack.

The tank moves on the enemy positions.


Ahead-Scottish part.

Soldiers ran.

Far cloud shells breaks.

Soldiers in the "no man's land."

Moves tank.

The soldiers in the attack.

The orderly brings a report with the requirement to strengthen the support of artillery.

Shoot guns

United Kingdom.

The first batch of prisoners from the "no man's land."

Spare Parts in the trenches.

Medics come out of the shelter to collect the wounded.

They are at work: take out the wounded.

In the battle of the backups are introduced.

The soldiers leave the trenches.

They go to the best

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Reel №4

United Kingdom.

Delivery of the wounded from the battlefield.

The priest is a wounded soldier.

Preliminary examination of the wounded in the hospital.

Wounded and sanitation drinking coffee and smoking.

Nurse gives the wounded to smoke

United Kingdom.

A column of German prisoners being prepared for shipment to the rear.

The arrival of new parties injured.

The distribution of tea and sandwiches.

Sending lightly wounded on the bus to the hospital.

Loading seriously injured in the ambulance

United Kingdom.

Artillery units of the forest moving to new positions

United Kingdom.

English soldiers and German prisoners.

German colonel and his staff, taken prisoner near Beaumont Hamel.

Sending prisoners to the rear.

British anti-aircraft artillery is shelling enemy aircraft

United Kingdom.

The search was captured in an assembly point.

They return the personal belongings.

British soldiers reading letters from home.

Royal Marine Division after the fight and taking Bokura.

The troops followed on vacation

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Reel №5

United Kingdom.

After the battle.

British soldiers waiting for the bus to be sent on vacation.


Buses depart.

West Yorkers and vorchestertsy on the way to vacation

United Kingdom.

Traces of war.

Destroyed village of Beaumont Hamel Martenlyuik and after taking them to the British.

Shattered forest.

The ruins of houses.

Shotladsky part on holiday in Beaumont Amelia.

British soldiers dug a German machine gun.

Avtsraliytsy in the pause between attacks.

Ancrum Swamp.

View German positions captured by the British

United Kingdom.

Return British tank.

Lunch on the British soldiers captured from the German positions.

Return kamerontsev / Scottish Regiment /.

Irish soldiers on vacation.

They are engaged in a personal toilet.

Soldiers sing

United Kingdom.

British artillery shelled the German positions.

Bubbles shells explosions in the night sky.

Promotion of troops and vehicles to the front line during the night / Night Scene /

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