The German retreat and the Battle of Arras. (1920 - 1929)

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Reel №1


English to German minefields.

Agliyskom engineers blow up the house for the purpose of building new roads.

The population enthusiastically greeted the British soldiers cyclists.

British soldier reads the latest news to the public.

A group of local residents under the German banner "God punish England."

Postoroyka bridge over the Somme.

Another bridge over the Somme, the British postreonny.

Fruit trees, felled by the Germans during the retreat.

Former German observation post


French prezidet in the liberated city with accompanying persons.

Freed town Royer.


British soldiers on the streets talking to people.

English soldier with a child.

German fortifications.

British soldiers by the road.

The destruction in the town.

Funnel after an explosion large-caliber bombs.


Panorama dilapidated town.

Ruins tserkvi.2 th howitzer battery starts shelling the territory protivnika.6 th battery, disguised in the former French hangars.

She opens fire on the enemy

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Reel №2


Field guns firing on German positions.

British combat artillery officers in front of the camera.

Kind of combat positions.

The Germans were shelling the village.

Clouds breaks.

British howitzer firing at the enemy.

South Africans make a raid into enemy trenches.

They return with three prisoners.

Captured on camera

Railway station in Arras.

General form.

Railroad tracks, partitioned by barbed wire.

The consequences of war destruction.

The ruins of houses


British guns are firing.

Cloud breaks.

Scottish soldiers across no-man's-land sent to the German transhei.

PNRM. combat positions.

Soldiers marching to the attack.

Scots returned with valuable information


In the British trenches.

Prepare to attack.

Preparing special stair-ladders to the soldiers.

English cavalry sent to Arras on the highway.

Horse waiting for the signal to attack

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Reel №3


English reserve battalion to rest on the road to Arras.

Royal Light Infantry suited to the location of the artillery units to prepare for an attack.

Preparation of reinforced bars.

The infantry on the field


Explosions near British positions.

Tank rides through the streets of the town.

Away move baggage and cavalry.

Field artillery is moving to the forefront.

British artillery firing at the enemy


German prisoners helped make the wounded.

German prisoners of war in front of the camera.

They carry the wounded.

The wounded were taken out of the trenches.

British soldiers in the captured German trench.

Killed on the battlefield the Germans


Prisoners taken in the Battle of Arras.

A column of prisoners of war.

Prisoners of war in front of camera


British soldiers peed camera.

They're on vacation.

Soldiers digging trenches


Transportation of military units and equipment in Kambral.

British convoys.

Construction of the narrow-gauge road to transport ammunition and weapons

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Reel №4


Zhvachennye German artillery positions.

Middlesex Battalion occupies the old German trenches.

howitzer battery moves in the direction of Monschau.

Artillery units are moving forward under the fire of heavy artillery.

Visible cloud breaks.

Arrival of the first than after two-year break in the train station in Arras.

English military band marches through the streets in honor of this event


Pontoon bridge across the river Scarpe.

The ruins on the banks of the river.

Captured German guns.

The accident English tractor designed for the transportation of weapons.

British soldiers prepare barbed wire.

Australian soldiers passing by the funnel from the mines.

The ruins of the French village.

Before the camera-men from Queensland and Tasmania


Australian artillery observer watching the fire "Hindenburg Line" British guns


The Germans were shelling the British position in the Monschau neighborhood.

Cloud breaks.

Ruins Monschau.

Soldiers Regiment in Gallipoli Monschau.

They leave

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