The greatest story in the world (Series 10). (1919)

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Reel №1

Series titles preceded by praising the UK, carrying civilization to mankind.

Image: Goddess of Justice.

Picture: North Star - the distinguishing sign of the British units in the north of Russia.

UK, port, Tilbury Docks, in May 1918 landing troops on the transport ship "Carlotta".

British soldiers with knapsacks behind him climb the ladder of transport vessel, placing a boarding document, the photographer conducts shooting.

British soldiers climb on board.

General gives instructions to officers, presents documents.

Officers escorted by placing women boarding documents.

Past officers runs boy in a sailor suit.

Transport Ship "Carlotta" sails away from the pier, a military band played.

Soldiers and sailors waving their handkerchiefs mourners.

Transport Ship "Carlotta" coming out of the port.

Prayer on board a transport "Carlotta" vessel, the priest reads a prayer.

Soldiers on prayer.


Cathedral marina, [10 June 1919] The solemn meeting on the occasion of the arrival of the allied troops.

Brigadier General Sadler Jackson, Lt.


EK Miller take the report officer shake hands.

Brigadier General Sadler Jackson, Lt.


EK Miller, accompanied by Russian and British officers pass along the guard of honor system.

Brigadier General Sadler Jackson, Lt.


EK Miller held on the pier salute.

Arch, decorated with the flags of the Entente Powers.

Brigadier General Sadler Jackson, Lt.


EK Miller before the formation of the guard of honor.

The representative of the city government handing bread and salt to General Sadler, Jackson, Mayor of the city of Arkhangelsk Ivan Viktorovich Bagrinovsky reads General address of Sadler, Jackson, Jackson General Sadler gives honor to present the public, a Serbian officer, Lieutenant-General EK Miller, the Russian officers.

Brigadier General Sadler Jackson reads the reply greetings, there are a number Lieutenant General EK Miller, Russian and British officers.

City of Arkhangelsk city head Ivan Viktorovich Bagrinovsky presents a welcome address to General Sadler, Jackson, there are a number Brigadier General Ironside, Lieutenant General EK Miller, salute.

The group meets British troops of women, women hold over the head of the Crucifixion.

British soldiers are systems through the arch, decorated with the flags of the Entente Powers.


At the entrance to the staff is a group of British and Russian officers posing for a newsreel, in the center of Major General VS Skobeltsyn.

Major General VS Skobeltsyn accompanied by officers talking to peasants, farmers are in supply.

Farmers are harnessed to carts horses.

Against the background of the wooden houses are the musicians of the British military band, children, elderly woman.

Orthodox priest dismisses hand from cameraman, smiling.

Children, a British military band.

Boxcar, there are a number of women, passing by cart.

Freight wagons, on the ground, women and children sitting on the boxes.


British Major General Maynard, Major General VS Skobeltsyn study the map.

British soldiers (persons protected by mosquito nets), are the mortar.

British soldiers collected the mortar.

British soldiers make a shot from the mortar.

British soldiers lay, are monitoring.

British soldiers in the trenches, firing a machine gun, "Lewis".

British soldiers in the trenches, firing rifles.

British soldiers in the trenches, firing a machine gun, "Lewis" with a protective shield.

British soldiers pass through the forest.

British soldiers set the telephone.

One soldier climbs a tree and leads out surveillance.

British soldiers are mules by the bridle.

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Reel №2

British soldier watches from a tree with binoculars.

PNRM .: lit forest.

British soldiers load a gun, gun shot, load a gun.

Mules in the pen, a British soldier takes care of the mules.

The cemetery of the Royal Sussex Regiment in Kandalaksha.

PNRM .: military cemetery wooden crosses behind a hedge, a fresh grave, an Orthodox cross.

Winter Forest, British soldier hour.

Winter forest in the trenches lay British soldiers firing rifles.

The officer is watching through binoculars.

British soldiers doing gymnastics.

Sanitary wagon on runners (the emblem of the Red Cross), UK-orderlies soldiers dragged the wounded man on a stretcher.

British soldiers in the trenches, firing rifles.

British soldiers make the transition to ski.

Construction of the British soldiers, passing reindeer.

Lake Onega, on the ice - airplane "Sopwith Kemal," the pilot in the cockpit, mechanic spins the propeller.

Airplane "Sopwith Kemal" ski run takes on the ice.

Landing airplane "Sopwith Kemal" to run the airplane mechanics.

River North Dvina.

Tram rails laid on the ice of the frozen river.

River North Dvina.

British icebreaker «War Down» chop ice.

Team British icebreaker «War Down» posing for newsreel on the background of the icebreaker.

River North Dvina.

Pier, luge carts, the drivers are.

PNRM .: reindeer sleds, laden with firewood.

In the village street luge rides carts.

Key words

Great Britain, Russia, War World, 1919, civil war, intervention, war graves, cartage, ground troops, artillery, medicine, the Red Cross, aviation, river transport, urban transport, cinema