Olympic Games 1924 in Chamonix and Paris. (1924)

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Reel №1


Live pictures depicting the Olympic Games in ancient Greece.


Javelin thrower.

Discus thrower.


Couple fighters demonstrates method of struggle.


Fighting with weapons.

Fighters with a spear, a bow, a sword.

Athletes on vacation

Key words

England, Sport, Olympic Games

Reel №2


Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix.

Oyuschy view of the resort.

The mountains.

Mont Blanc view.

Members of games on the streets.

Parade participants with national flags.

Team USA, England, France, Greece.

Olympic oath Saying


Races Skating 500m.

The winner of the Finnish athlete Valenius front of the camera.

Kata Olympic skater Makelt.

The winner in figure skating Szabo-Plank / Austria /.

Trains athlete-skater

Train players.

Canadian ice hockey team.

Goalkeeper Cameron.

American hockey team.

Goalkeeper Lacroix.

Fragments of the USA-Canada match

Key words

England, Olympic sports, resort, mountain, parade, Gos.simvolika England, Olympics, sports, celebrities France, Olympics, sports, celebrities

Reel №3


Race skiers on 50 km.

Start the race.

The complex part of the route.

Skiers on the track.


The winner team of Switzerland


Pair figure skating.

Ride-winners Austrians Enegelman and Berger.

Skaters from France Blanchard and Neill


The competitions in bobsled.

At the start, the English team.

On the road.


Poeditel team Switzerland


Competitions in ski jumping.

Winner-Haugen / Country is not indicated in the credits /

Key words

England, Olympic Games, Sports England, Olympic sports, celebrities, sports England, Sports, Olympics England, sports, Olympic sports, personalities

Reel №4


The opening ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games in Paris.

The Prince of Wales arrives at the stadium, "Colombe".

Prince Clary - Chairman of Olympic Committee welcomes the President Doumer.

The stadium in the box - the Prince of Wales, the papal nuncio, the Crown Prince of Switzerland, Prince Regent of Abyssinia.

Games are declared open.

This prince


Ceremonial march of the athletes.

Delegations from 45 countries - Britain, France and other member states.

French athlete Andre Geo makes the stadium the Olympic torch.

Salute in honor of the Olympic Games.

Athletes on the release of pigeons with messages to their homeland.

Athletes perform a variety of exercises

Key words

France, Stadium, Olympic sports, monarchs, personalities, President France, sports, Olympic sports, personalities, Fireworks, birds

Reel №5



Wrestling "ketch".

Fragments of the competition two athletes.

The winner of the French Deglan in a duel with the Swede Nielsen.

Running at 3,000 meters.


Winner-Paavo Nurmi / Finland /.

Hammer throwing.

Win-representative SShA.Beg 5000 m.

Running an 400 m.

Winner Englishman Liddell.

Nurmi and Vitola front of the camera.


Throwing core.


Pole vaulting.

Jumps Barnes.

He is facing the camera / country uncredited /

Key words

England, France, Olympic sports, personalities

Reel №6



Heat an 10 km.

The leader Nurmi.

He is facing the camera.

Running the 400 meters hurdles.


High jump.

Winner-Osborne / probably England /.

Running the 100 meters.

Winner Englishman Abrahams.

Triple jump.

Winner-American Hubbard.

Discus Throw.

Winner - Hauser / USA /.

Heat at 200 m.


Race at 3000 ms obstacles.

Winner-Finn Ritola front of the camera.

Running an 110 m.


Winner Kinsey / USA /.

Running at 800 m.

The winner, a representative of England.

Relay Team USA 400h4.Pobeditel

Key words

England, France, sports, Olympic sports, personalities

Reel №7




Swim 800 m.

Swim 100 m.

Swim 400 m.

Winner-Johnny Weissmuller / carved frame /.

Competitions in diving.

The match in water polo.

France winner team

Key words

Britain, France, the sport, the Olympic Games

Reel №8



Competitions in gymnastics.

Exercises on the horse, on the parallel bars.

The same rocking.

Exercise on a horizontal bar, rings, rope.

Mass gimnatsicheskie exercise by the team of Denmark.

Mass jumping horse, walking on hands, etc.

Teams from different countries at the start of the marathon cross-country.

Athletes on the track.

Group leaders.

Winners-Nurmi and Vitola

Key words

England, France, sports, olympic games

Reel №9



Competitions on equestrian sport.

Riders with horses.

Beginning of the competitions.


Team Sweden-winner.

Jumping riders



Start of the Olympic marathon.

Runners leave the stadium.

Runners on the course.

Power Point.

Intermediate finish.

Continue running.


The winner of the marathon Stenroos / 2 ch.41 Min.22 s /.

The representatives of Italy

Key words

England, France, sports, olympic games England, France, sports, Olympic sports, personalities

Reel №10


The competition for water sports.

The competitions on kayaks - canoes.

Competitions boat in the sea at Le Havre.

Having lost the mast yacht "Buzot".

Competitions on the game in the Polo / riding /.

The match between Argentina and England.

Fragments of the match.

Competitions on fencing.

Meetings at the winter velodrome.

The winner - the representative of France Gato.

The winner among women.

The winner among women

Key words

France, sports, Olympic sports, personalities

Reel №11



Fragments of a football match between Uruguay-Switzerland.

On-mast flag of Uruguay.

Both teams bypass Stadium.

Uruguay team in front of camera

Key words

England, France, sports, Olympic sports, stadium

Reel №12



Competitions Rugby.

The French team.

SShA.Oni team on the field.

Fragments of the match.

Athletes during the break, the second half.

The audience welcomed the winner-team USA



Tennis competitions.

King of Spain in the box.

Competitions men.

Competitions women.

Match in doubles tennis for women.

The same women.

Fragments of the game, Rapid shot

Key words

Britain, France, the sport, the Olympic Games England, France, sports, Olympic sports, women, monarchs

Reel №13



veldosipedistov competition at a distance 188 km.


Riders on the course.

The finish in the stadium, "Colombe".

Winner-Brankor / France /.

Race for 50 km on velodrome.


The winner, a representative of the Netherlands.

Competitions on boxing.

Fragments of matches.

In the ring boxers US and the Union of South Africa

Key words

Britain, France, the sport, the Olympic Games