Miracles of wildlife in the water. (1920 - 1929)

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Reel №1


View sea surface.

Fish and other.

Marine animals in the water.

Seashells and corals from the shore of obravistogo.


The plane flies shore of the island.

Life in a drop of water / in the high magnification /


The lower aquatic animals.

Forms lower animals-dory, trumpeter under a microscope.

Blowers in search of food and fresh water.

The lower animals in the breeding process.


A colony of cells.

The motor cells.

reproductive cells / microscopic /.

Freshwater polyp Hydra grabs its prey.

Branch of young specimen from an adult hydra.

Young instance lacks the crustacean.

The worm planar.

The rudiments of the organs of vision in planarians.

Nematode worm-eggs-with embryos.

The egg is split in half, then into more cells.

The formation of the embryo.


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Reel №2


Mosquito larvae and pupae in water.

The emergence of an adult insect from the pupa.

Mosquito species "kuleks" to increase.

Komar "anofelis" -raznoschik malaria.

The difference between these two species.

Proboscis anopheles.

Decontamination malarial swamp.

Dead larvae of Anopheles mosquitoes descend to the bottom.

Fish anopheles natural enemies.

Dragonfly larvae eat mosquito larvae.

Adult insects hatch from larvae of dragonflies.


Yellow beetle larva.

Beetle larvae are chosen from.

It buries itself in the mud.

Beetles in water.

Beetles near the dead fish.

Gnawed fish skeleton.

Larva aquatic salamanders.

Egg salamanders.

Divide the eggs.

The formation of the embryo.

After impact, the animal gets into the tail water.

Newt amphibian, tenacious in the water and on land

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Reel №3

Fish in the water.

Australian fish, breathe easy.

The mechanism of breathing fish.

In times of drought fish buries itself in the mud and breathes atmospheric air.

Viviparous fish produces offspring.

Love games "paradise" fish.

The female builds a nest.

Tropical fish, preserves the offspring in the mouth in case of danger.

Progeny pond snail on the tail of a fish.

The fish spawn in the hole snail shell, where it later comes up juveniles.

The caught fish in the basket.

The dam, built for fishing.

Zabroska gardens.

Selection of carp for further breeding.

Karpov released into the pond.

Watching carp offspring.

Romanian fisherman with fishing gear.

Sturgeon in the water.

Caught sturgeon fisherman in a boat.

His vylalivayut ashore.

Removing the eggs.

Caviar in the box.

Removing eggs from small sturgeon.

the return of caviar on a special grater.

Salting and packing eggs

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Reel №4


Coast ocean during low tide.

Crabs and starfish in the sand, cotton worm buried in the sand.

Fishermen looking for small crabs and shrimp.

Start tide.

Rocks, where small crustaceans hiding


At the bottom of the sea.

Fish and other animals.

Snails polipy.morskie urchins and jellyfish.


Sea Rose.

They capture prey tentacles paralyze and eat it.

Sea urchin with its many tentacles.

Starfish and legs-suckers.

Star in motion.

Legs stars remove food debris.


Jellyfish in the water.

Velella in water.

Tentacles velelly.

Ribbed jellyfish.

Lady's belt-kind ribbed jellyfish.

Medusa Berau

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Reel №5


Sea creatures.

Sea Horses.

A fish.

Planikton: its component parts.

Small animals, ribbed jellyfish.

Offshore floating worm tomoteris.

Transparent worm Vanadis.

Threaded worm.

Small crayfish in a strong increase.

Sailing small snail gialeya.

Snail atlas.

One can see her heart.

Transparent snail aeolis.

It lays its eggs on the polyp.

Because eggs are developing embryos.

Glowing snail filliroe.

Sea hare variety of snails whose tentacles resemble ears.

Sepia-fish, comprising a colorant.

Octopus on the seabed.

He hunts for crabs.

WRAPPED tentacles sacrifice.

Octopus takes flight, throwing a dark liquid

Key words

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Reel №6


Sea crab.

He hides in the rocks.

He splits the snail shells with powerful claws.

Crab front of the camera.

He hides in the sand.

From sand sticking her eyes.

Crab masked plant particles.

Hermit crab climbs into an empty shell.

Another cancer attacks him.

Sea Rose, posadzhennaya cancer-recluse on the sink in self-defense.

Hermit crab moves into a new sink and transplants rose.

Rachok Gebre front of the camera.

Gebre digs a hole in the ground.

Two Gebre


The small shrimp and crustaceans in the boat.

Omar front of the camera.

His home under the rock.

Lobster larvae.

Omar is fighting with other lobsters and stingrays.

Omar, struck a blow current.

At sea, the basket is lowered with the bait.

Basket catch.

She lifted the boat.

A fisherman caught a lobster

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Reel №7


Man with sponges.

Search sponges underwater.

Divers searching for sponges.

They collected sponges, back in the boat.

A diver with a tin cylinder for reflecting light rays.

Cleaning sponges.

Drying in the sun.

Obstrizhka sponges for shaping.

Oyster shells


Northern Italy.

Plantation on artificial cultivation of oysters.

Seine fishing larvae.

A bunch of shells in two with cement, stringing them on a rope.

The rope is lowered into the sea.

The larvae of the sea turned into oysters.

View plantation.

Extraction of oysters.

The divers jump into the sea.

They gather oysters in baskets.

They're heading to the beach with oysters


A special kind of oysters, which are introduced into the body of a grain of sand.

Education izvestkovoobraznoy mass.

Oysters are loaded with sand in boxes and suspended from the rafts in quiet bays.

Divers watch the growth of the animals.

Every 6 months, the boxes are retrieved, the oysters are cleaned and re-immersed in water.

After 10 years, the protective substance covers the paid-grit and pearl in the oyster is ready.

Wizard extracts from pearl oyster shell.

Pearls are very similar to the natural.

The difference can be conditions with a special transmission installations

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Reel №8


Sea bottom.

Sea creatures.

Sharks are caught by fishermen.

Cutting shark on deck.

The catch in the hold of the ship.

Fishing boats in the sea.

Network with a catch.

Raising catch.

Fish on deck.

Sorting fish.

Cutting squid.

The fishing fleet in the harbor.

Unloading the catch.

Packaging basket.

Loading in cars.

Drying cod in Norway.

Fishing herring in Holland.

Dutch Harbor.

Laying sardines.

Fishermen and buyers



Pile of barrels.

Repair Swasti.

The lights on the coast.

Lamps on the boats.

Light privlikaet sardines.

Catching sardine.

Packing them in boxes.

Seagulls and other birds near the fishing boats.

Bird colony on rocky sotrove


Polar Sea.

Birds and seals.

Eskimos with the seals.

Huskies getting ready for the hunt.

Eskimo throws gorpun.


Sea Elephant.

He dives into the water.

Sea lions.

Bearded seal.

Feeding seal.

The actress speaks with sea lions


Hunting the whale with a harpoon gun.

Dead whale carries the water vessel.

The rise of whale carcasses on board.

The carcass was hauled ashore

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