Military documents battling France №30 (1945)

Footage №67547, 1 part, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Reel №1


Opening in Bir Hakim.

On multskheme shows the course of the French garrison at Bir Hakim German troops in 1940, and is being against the background of multskheme assembly are fighting and the soldiers shooting orudiya.4 April 1945 at Bir Hakim in the presence of Sise generals and Kanye opening of the cemetery and a monument to the French dead, during the siege of the fortress.

Standing military units.

Mass at the monument.

Weeping officers

North Africa.

The communication link 9 Army.

Motorcyclists in communication with the headquarters of the.

Staff Officer, receiving a telegram from the rider.

Negotiations with the part of the radio.

Laying telephone lines.

On a jeep driven by a coil with a wire and put the wire.

The car with the radio installation, transmission code which is being



After rain washed out roads, along which are vyaznuvshie soldiers in the mud.

Guns, moving with great difficulty, stalled in the mud.

Soldiers clings to tug the rope gun and arrive at the appointed place.

Lieutenant indicating where guns location, battery boxes.

Masking battery safety nets.

Gunner prepares to fire a gun.

Betereya leading fire on enemy positions.

Lieutenant, keeping an eye on the results of shooting and making notes on the card.

Cleaning guns.

Discussion officers firing results.

Colonial soldiers with waving flag of Fighting France

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