Joining the Allied forces in Paris. (1940)

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Paris during okkkupatsii.

Flags with the swastika.

Solemn meeting statesman.

The underground armed with grenades.

Partisan headquarters.

Repainting of vehicles.

Construction of the fence.

A squad of rebels in the building.

Parisians listening receiver.

Take position at the barricades.

Go down the street a German tank.

Insurgents shoot.

Nurses provide care to the wounded.

Firing on the street.

Collecting the wounded.

Maki disarmed a wounded German officer.

Grenades explode German car.

Conducted by German prisoners.

Killed by the Germans.

Rip kollabaratsionista portrait from the wall.

The destruction of the Nazi flag.

Hang out the national flag.

The laying of wreaths.

Joining the Allied forces.

The arrival of De Gaulle.

Export Gala.

Notre Dame de Paris.

A sudden shelling of demonstrators.

The panic in the crowd.

Eisenhower and General Montgomery.

Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill

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