Soldiers of the Peace.. (1969)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zenyakin A.

Script writers: Zenyakin A., Mendzherickiy I.

Operators: Kiselev S., Kochetkov A. S., Popova A.

Composers: Botyarov E.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Mendzherickiy I.


The film tells about the movement of peacemakers, about people who dedicated their lives to the fight for peace and were against the threat of the new world war.

Temporary description

Newsreel of the Second World War, the Great Patriotic War. The ruined cities of the Soviet Union and Western Europe. Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt and others at the Yalta Conference (1945). The first Peace Congress (1949), World Peace Congress in Stockholm (1958), meeting of delegates of the World Peace Assembly in Berlin (1969). The signing of the Stockholm Appeal for Peace in different countries. Supporters of the world: Tikhonov, G. Curie, J. Johnson, A. Siqueiros, MA Asturias, E. Cotton, A. Korneichuk, D. Bernal, William Dubois, A. Thabet, A. Aruna , A. Fischer, M. V. Tuominen, R. Chandra, H. Bidstrup, M. Glezos, I. Blum, J. Effel, A. Chandzhero and others. Presentation of the International Lenin Prize "for strengthening peace among peoples" A. Siqueiros, J. Evans, J. Manz, A. Seki, A. Zweig. American singer P. Robeson sings at Peace Congress. Address (synchronously) P. Robeson. Anti-war demonstrations of workers in different countries, organized by supporters of peace.

Reel №1

Clouds in the sky - MS.

In the form of a mushroom cloud from the explosion of the atomic bomb - CU.

Ioris Evans, Romesh Chandra, Miguel Angel Asturias, Pablo Picasso, Nguyen Thi Binh, Eugenie Cotton, Isabella Blum, Alexander Korneichuk, Udakendavala Saranankara Thera, Andrea Gadzhero, Rameswaram Nehru - CU.

R. Nehru, J. Blum at a meeting of the World Peace Council.

European cities - PNRM. with a / t

Volgograd - LS. (With a / t), MS.

Newsreel 1942-1943.:

Burning and destroyed Stalingrad - LS. PNRM.

Warsaw with new buildings - PNRM. with a / t


Destroyed Warsaw - PNRM.

Writer Wanda Wasilewska listens to Congress - CU.

Person listening in the hall - the elderly, women - CU.

Jean Eiffel - CU.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Leningrad - LS. (Winter).

Children are taken to the coffin sleigh - MS.

Destroyed Hiroshima atomic explosion - LS. PNRM.

New York (the plane).

Several common plan of destroying European cities (helicopter).

Coat hanger to hang the participants of the Yalta Conference of the Allied Powers, held in February 1945 at the Livadia Palace - MS. PNRM.

The Yalta Conference: the heads of the great states IV Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, and others round table - MS., LS.

Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and other pictures at the Palace - LS., MS.

Soviet soldiers in the guard of honor - MS., CU.

Churchill is worth taking salute.

Roosevelt in his coat, holding a hat - MS.

Soviet troops are on the way to the war, the soldiers on the run eating out of the pot - MS.

The woman at the destroyed house.

Lie corpses - adults and children, a woman crying - LS., MS.

Soviet soldiers help children get out of the dugout - LS., CU.

Children at school desks in the devastated, without walls, a school - CU., MS.

Soldiers in the field, hugging mother - MS.

The soldier makes the wounded from the battlefield - MS.

To liberate the city is part of the Soviet military.

Ruined Reichstag - MS. PNRM.

The Germans, the few refugees with their belongings back home - MS., LS.

Soviet-controller-warrior on the streets of Berlin - CU.

Ruined Berlin - LS. (With motion).

Brandenburg Gate, the victims of attack - LS. (With motion).

One of the first Peace Congress.

Isabella Blum speaks with a participant to the sidelines - MS.

Listening to members of Congress in the hall.

The Bureau of the Congress.

Playing Eugenie Cotton, Alexander Fadeev, Nikolai Tikhonov, Frederic Joliot-Curie - MS.

Members of the educated in the Soviet Union Committee on International Lenin Prize "for peace between peoples" sign the document - Fadeev, DV Skobeltsyn, Ilya Ehrenburg, etc. - MS.

John sits Bernal - CU.

Arrive in Moscow and meeting at the airport of the peace delegations of different nationalities - different. (Night and day).

Reel №2

The platform Belosrusskaya suitable train - LS.

Pick up the chairman of the World Peace Council, the winner of the International Lenin Prize, atomic scientist Frederic Joliot-Curie.

Atmosphere: DV Skobeltsyn, NS Tikhonov, AA Fadeev, NV Popov and others, as well as Eugenie Cotton.

Interview of the Committee on International Lenin Prize, a prominent Soviet physicist D. Skobeltsyn (synchronous), recalls the spouses Joliot-Curie - MS.

Photos: F. Joliot-Curie, with friends, spouses Joliot-Curie and colleagues in his laboratory in the "Paris Institute of Radio"


Irene and Frederic Joliot-Curie and his colleagues at work in the laboratory.

The laboratory equipment.

Cabinet F. Joliot-Curie: books - CU. PNRM.; Portrait of Lenin on the wall - CU., MS.; Desktop - MS.

Joliot-Curie with grandchildren - CU., LS. (Summer).

Newsreel 1939-1945.:

Paris - LS.

On the streets and from the windows of houses on the Germans shoot poppies - French partisans.

Partizan throws a grenade.

Truck explodes with the Germans.

Guerrillas are prisoners of the Germans.

The population welcomed their poppies.

Frederic Joliot-Curie, speaking at a congress of the peace, on the podium with Eugenie Cotton, etc.

Demonstrators with banners in the streets of London - LS. PNRM.

Dean of Canterbury Hewlett Johnson speaks at anti-war rally - MS., CU., LS.

German writer Anna Seghers, who returned to his homeland after years of exile, on the podium and speaking to their countrymen in the room (synchronous) - CU.

A. Seghers book in Russian and German - CU.

Monument to prisoners of concentration camps (a group of sculptures depicting emaciated prisoners) - MS.

Rally at the monument (summer).

Acts A. Seghers - CU., MS.

Eternal fire (in two places) - CU.

Sculpture "The Motherland" on Piskarevsky in Leningrad - MS.

Eared wheat field - LS. PNRM., CU.

Soldier Monument (sculpture).

Candles burning in a saucer-wicks at the foot of the monument - MS.

Wild flowers, daisies in a field - LS., CU.

Wall paintings of the great artist Siqueiros Mexico - fragments - CU.


Republican Army Colonel Spain, the division commander, David Alfaro Siqueiros, in the form of a Republican, is the prison where he was imprisoned for five years on charges of anti-government actions in the press - CU., MS., LS.

A. Siqueiros in the street near his mural, which tells about the historic struggle of the Mexican people for the improvement of social conditions, interviews Siqueiros (synchronously).

Fragments of paintings and statuary.

Installation of the latest work Siqueiros - giant murallya "March of Humanity" - in front of a house painter in Cuernavaca on a small hill, directs the work of Siqueiros.

Fragments murallya - CU.

A. Siqueiros - CU.

Jet aircraft in the air.

Persons in the audience listening to people of different nationalities.

Reel №3

Stockholm Street - LS.

The house where the restaurant "Goethe collar ', a sign - MS.

Stairs down to the basement restaurant (without people), which in 1950 brought together the organizers of the peace movement, the preparation of this historic speech to millions - MS. PNRM.

Animation: against the background of the hall Peace Congress - the inscription: "The appeal of the Standing Committee of the World Peace Congress," and the text of the appeal - MS.

Demonstrations abroad for the collection of signatures for the Stockholm Appeal.

Woman gives demonstrators Text Appeal - MS.

People signed the Stockholm Appeal - MS.

Collecting signatures on a petition of the World Peace Council in our country (in factories, workshops, collective farms and other places) - CU., MS.

Acts writer Tikhonov - MS.

Sits and says Ceylon monk Udakendavala Saranankara Thera.

Listens and says Lebanese architect Antoine Tabet.

Speakers: Soviet writer Alexander Korneichuk, women leaders Frenchwoman Eugenie Cotton, British scientist John Bernal, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, the Soviet social activist Nina Popova - MS., LS.

Sits and says one of the authors of Stockholm Appeal American painter and writer Rockwell Kent, standing next to his wife (simultaneously in English) - MS.

The collection of signatures for the Stockholm Appeal in U.S. recalls outstanding educator, philosopher, historian, poet and novelist William Dubois (simultaneously in English) - CU.

Books with collected a petition signed by the World Peace Council in favor of the Congress Presidium, the load on the machine.

Aruna Asaf Ali - Indian fighter for peace, "Woman of the Legend", standing at the window in his room - CU., MS.

Along the street are two girls - MS., LS.; Passes girl - CU.

Photo: Arun seventeen with her friends, in the village - CU.

Indian village - LS.

Woman at the Well - MS.

A flock of sheep - MS.

Indian landscape with palm trees - LS.

English - the military and the woman on the balcony - MS.

Parade in honor of the British colonizers.

British soldiers in the streets disperse Indians oppose colonialism.

Photo: Arun speaks at a rally in front of the people.

Listen to Indian women, Indian men listen - MS.

Photo: Arun Gandhi from the podium, Aruna and her husband.

Indian poor - LS.

She Aruna Asaf Ali (an elderly woman) - CU.

Prison bars on the window - CU., Hitting.

Runs Gandhi and his associates - LS.

Indian women at the rally - MS., LS.

Celebrating the first day of India's independence the people in an area of ​​New Delhi, the English flag lowering and raising of the national flag of India - LS., MS.

Nehru raised the flag.

Photos: Aruna with Nehru, with members of the Indian government, and among Africans on the women's congress, serving Aruna Asaf Ali - CU.

A few photos of young Paul Robeson - CU.

Soviet audiences welcome in the hall of the American singer Paul Robeson, pioneers presented him flowers - LS.

Participants Peace Congress welcomed Paul Robeson.

Paul Robeson performed at the congress song about Joe Hill, the man who gave his life for the workers (simultaneously in English) - LS.

Listen to the Hall - MS., CU.

Said Paul Robson (simultaneously in English) - MS.

Young Americans burn their registration cards soldiers - MS., CU.

American police disperse protesters - different.

Go down the street black demonstrators with banners.

Reel №4

Negro demonstration in the United States.

Acceleration and arrest demonstrators.

Negro hands in chains - CU.

Miguel Angel Asturias, writer and social activist in Guatemala, winner of the International Lenin Prize "for peace between peoples," the manuscript of the work in the office - CU., MS., LS.

Books Asturias - CU. PNRM.

Blacks face - a girl, an old man - CU.

A black farmer crushes grain in a mortar - CU.

Black farmers threshed grain flails - MS.

Black girl by the fire - CU.

African soldiers go - freedom fighters - CU.

Walking foot soldiers - CU.

South Africa.

African soldiers defending racism in South Africa.



The soldiers are wounded.

The microphone stands lawyer Abraham Fisher (he's white, from an aristocratic family), son of the Chief Justice of the free orange state, communist, winner of the International Lenin Prize - MS., CU.

Mercenaries arrested in South Africa Africans fighting for their freedom.

Photo: A. Fisher, who was arrested in 1966 on charges of subversion and sentenced to life in prison, behind bars - CU., Hitting.

African children - CU.

On one of the streets of Rome visiting passersby stand with photographs depicting starving, emaciated black children, the elderly, people living in the colony, Angola, Africa (autumn).

Photos - CU.

People on the streets of one of the cities in Western Europe - MS., CU. (Summer).

The people in the cafe.


Ships at sea - LS.

Sculpture of a woman - MS., CU.

Streets of Helsinki - LS.

Residents through the streets (autumn).

The meeting of the Presidium of the World Peace Council in Lahti.

Finnish young men in the audience - CU.

Acts as chairman of the hall of the Finnish Peace Committee, the winner of the International Lenin Prize "for peace between peoples" Mariam Bir Tuominen - MS.

M. Tuominen Bireh on the podium - LS.

Listening to - MS.

M. Tuominen parses the mail, talking to the pastor, with the General Secretary of the World Peace Council, an Indian journalist, Romesh Chandra.

Romesh Chandra at work, writes - CU., MS.

Danish artist Herluf Bidstrup, newspaperman and journalist, draws on the street, talking to children - MS., CU.

Builder in the house - MS.

Working Street Bridge - MS.

Animation: A series of satirical cartoons Bidstrup - MS.

People on the streets.

Youth passes.

Reel №5


Sit peaceniks Isabella Blum and M. Tuominen - MS.

Isabella Blum - CU.

Brussels - LS. (With a / t).

The street is Isabella Blum (winter).

Demonstration of working people against U.S. aggression in Vietnam - LS.

I. Blum at home: take a book from the shelf, standing at the window - MS.

I. Blum at work in the Belgian Committee of the peace dictates Secretary - MS., CU.

Photos: J. Blum in Spain and among the members of the Red Cross, which she was in charge during the Second World War in Vietnam.

I. Blum World Congress participants - MS., CU.

Demonstrations on the streets of London, West Berlin.

Police disperse protesters and arrested - different.

From the podium at a rally against the U.S. aggression in Vietnam stands Pastor Martin Niemöller, who spent eight years in a concentration camp for speaking out against fascism - CU.


Demonstrators in clothing concentration camp prisoners through the streets.

Andrea sits Gadzhero, former Italian priest defrocked for participating in the Peace Congress, who fought against the Nazis in the units of the Italian resistance - CU.

Italians in the square, the streets of Rome - MS.

Are nuns - CU.

Andrea Gadzhero rides in the car.

Protesters on the streets of Rome - LS.

Photos: Rally and delivers A. Gadzhero, next to a writer, a communist Danilo Dolci.

A. Gadzhero walking down the street, at home with a book, talking with a group of Vietnamese - MS., CU.

American military base, the airfield in Japan - Various.

Japanese and American flags - CU.

The boy at the barbed wire.

American aircraft in the air - CU.

Protest against U.S. military bases in Japan.

Demonstrators clash with police - are different.

Seagulls over the sea - MS., CU., LS.

Sea waves - CU.

Children, a woman with a child, youth, and others on the streets of European cities - different.

Winner of the Lenin Peace Prize by French artist Jean Eiffel street talking to children - MS., CU.; House at work - drawing at the table - CU., MS., LS.

Eiffel drawings from the series "The Creation» - MS., CU.

Drawing - children of different nations embrace the globe - CU.

Jean Eiffel, newspaper man, talking to a newspaper editor - MS.

River Seine - LS.

Jean Eiffel on the balcony - MS., CU.

A man reading a newspaper on the street - MS.

Floating barge on the Seine - LS.

Eiffel Tower - CU. PNRM. bottom-up

French on the streets - CU., MS. (Summer).

Newsreel 1962:

Red Square in Moscow on the part of the bridge - LS.

Delegates from various countries are on the territory of the Kremlin, heading for the World Congress for Peace and Disarmament - MS., LS.

Newsreel 1920:

II Congress of the Communist International, speaking at a meeting (Petrograd) - CU., MS.

Congress delegates chatting in the lobby - MS., CU.

Reel №6

PNRM. the hall, where the World Assembly of the World (Berlin, June 1969).

Listening delegates of different nationalities - MS., CU.

Writer NS Tikhonov Hall - MS.

Photo: Winner of the Lenin Peace Prize in Greek patriot Manolis Glezos with his wife and son at the Red Square, Moscow Glezos among the pioneers, in the presidium of the solemn meeting in the Kremlin.

Newsreel 1958:

Eugenie Cotton congratulates Akiko Seki, founder of People's Choir "Singing Voice of Japan" with the award her the International Lenin Prize "for peace between peoples."

Medal winner of the International Lenin Prize - CU.

A. Korneichuk etc. congratulate A. Seki.

Akiko Seki - MS.

German writer and social activist Arnold Zweig - on the podium - MS.

Laureate Diploma of the International Lenin Prize - MS.

Woman pin a medal winner at the chest A. Zweig.

Famous Italian sculptor Giacomo Manzu awarded the International Lenin Prize - MS.

Manz spouse pin the badge.

Soviet writer Ilya Ehrenburg and others congratulate Manz - MS. (Rome).

Photographs and reproductions of works Manz - MS., CU.

Giacomo Manzu at work in his studio - CU., LS., MS.

Filmmaker, social activist Netherlands Ioris Evans for editing table during installation film about Vietnam - CU., MS.

Vietnamese girl - fighters of the Liberation Army of South Vietnam, learn the art of war, take out the water from the well, rest.

American soldiers and Vietnamese prisoner.

American aircraft dropped bombs - LS. (Top).

Wounded Vietnamese woman - LS.

American soldiers come out of the plane, from a helicopter.

November 12, 1968

Presentation in Moscow, in the Sverdlov Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace, the International Lenin Prize Iorisu Evans.

NV Popov congratulates I. Evans, kisses him.

I. Evans stands (synchronous) - MS., CU.

The presidium director Alexandrov, N. Popova - MS.

Listen to the Hall - LS.

Photo portrait of the winner of the International Lenin Prize "for peace between nations," Nguyen Thi Binh - CU.

Nguyen Thi Binh - Chairman of the Women's Union for the Liberation of South Vietnam, the deputy commander of the armed forces Liberation Front, among men: talks, sews clothing.

Vietnamese peasants - MS.

On the way, is part of the American military - LS.

Some pictures: girl, hidden in the cleft of the bombing, napalm girl fired back, Vietnamese children, Vietnamese girl, men's jacket, pierced by bullets, running Vietnamese boy, running Negro boy, Nguyen Thi Binh - CU., MS., LS.