Inherit the Wind. (1940)

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Director: R.L.Bryukkberger

Reel №1


Documentary film mounting.

The film covers the events of the 2nd World War II from May 1940 to spring 1945 g.


May 1940.

Skeletons neighborhoods, burning houses / the plane /.

The wounded French soldiers on the ship.

French soldiers wander the roads, retreating.

Great outcome of the French in the south of the country.

Carry things, pushing prams with things.

Go elderly, women, men, children


The Germans come to Paris.

A column of Germans from the Arc de Triomphe.

The rise of the German flag.

The signing of the shameful capitulation of France in the Bois de Vincennes.

Map of France, against which winds Nazi flag.

Map of France divided into occupied and unoccupied zones




Text handling de Gaulle to French.

De Gaulle reading text.

De Gaulle bypasses the operation of the French made his way to England to fight against fascism.

El Kabir French ships battle with the German.

Hitler and Goering walk in the park October 24, 1940 g.

Vstrecha Pétain and Hitler in Raybuye.


Concorde is empty, the only visible German pointers.

Empty streets.

The queues at the shops.

Ads in the windows of the lack of food.

Speech Radio Petain: "The French, you have a short memory."

The French bring oath of allegiance to Petain.

Demonstrating loyalty.

Scouts Petain.

Scouts hike in the woods

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Reel №2



At the station, Laval delivers a speech in front of the French, sent to work in Germany.

Women and children accompany them


Monsignor Mayol de Lyuppe hot supporter of the French Legion speaks to the legionnaires.

Philip Anris also says it.


Speech by French fascists Darnana Joseph, Jean Harold Paki.

Approval of the speeches the participants.

In the hall of the slogan "United Europe against Bolshevism"


Marcel Deat on the podium.

Hands, throw up in a Nazi salute.

Parade of the French legionaries on the Champs Elysees.

General Heydrich arrives in Paris


Antisemistskaya exhibition "Jews and France."

Exhibition Stands.

A Jew with a yellow star.

The Jewish prisoners of concentration camps.

Germans crack the demarcation line and occupy the whole of France


The French fleet in Toulon stoked to not got to the Germans.

The arrival of Petain in Montpellier.

Crowds greeted him enthusiastically.

Walking through the streets among his people screaming.

The meeting in Montpellier with Franco

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Reel №3


The arrival of Petain to Paris, a guest in the Notre Dame de Paris, a meeting with the cardinal.

Crowds of Parisians at the town hall of his welcome.

Peten on the balcony.

Petain Passage through the streets by car.

Chad joined de Gaulle.

De Gaulle in the Republic of Chad.

Governor Eguey with the general.

De Gaulle on the French submarine.

The French boat swim across the English Channel to join the "Fighting France".

Pilots squadron "Normandie-Niemen" in Russia.

Gu Ploren headed flying French regiment in England.

Aircraft over the English Channel, over France.

Members of the resistance movement in France: the artist in wood - sawing, raised the French flag, listen to the radio, waiting for the plane from England, bonfires.

Planes dropped parachutes with arms.

Jean Moulin / photo / led resistance to unity.

It was sold, he was killed

Frantsiya.22 June 1941 g.

Partizany listen to the radio message about the treacherous attack of Nazi Germany on SSSR.Dvizhetsya echelon.

Blown cars.

The Germans checked the peasants on the roads.

Are arrested.

The Germans arrested tied to stakes and shot

France. 10 September.

Trying Allies landed in the Mediterranean Sea: the Allies occupied Corsica.

December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor.

Churchill and Roosevelt in Casablanca - the meeting did not produce results.

De Gaulle in Algeria.

Construction of German military installations

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Reel №4


The Germans on the construction of the Atlantic Wall.

American pilots bombed German cities.

US soldiers board the ships to England to prepare for the operation "Overlord" - Allied landing in France.

Prayer on the ship.

June 6, 1944-the day the Allied landings in Normandy.

Ships in the sea side of the Allies.

Plane takes off.

Skydivers jump.

Paratroopers in the air.

Anxiety in the German bunkers of the Atlantic Wall.

Shoot Gun / night /.

Allied soldiers are on the shore.

The ships and landing craft approaching the coast.


Shoot gun fortifications.

Response shots from the ships.

Marines emerge from the water, are wounded.

The landing continues.

The soldiers come ashore.

Shoot shore batteries.

Allied troops on the streets of the city of Normandy.

German prisoners

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Reel №5


Two ports for ships allies prepared to accept the cargo and troops under the personal leadership of Churchill.

The landing on the Normandy coast already occupied by the Allies.

Military action on the ground of Normandy: flamethrowers in action.


The Marines are moving cross country, throwing grenades.


They took a German prisoner.

Allied soldiers are on the field.

Eisenhower at the observation post.

Flying aircraft, are tanks, moving motorcyclists

Frantsiya.14 of June.

De Gaulle landed in Bayeux.

Speech by de Gaulle at the rally.


Machinery and soldiers on the streets.

Cannes, the ruins of the city, soldiers among them.

Cathedral in Cannes.

French paratroopers.



Captured by the Germans.

The population welcomed the French soldiers

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Reel №6


July 25th.

Patton tanks in Normandy.

Captured by the Germans.

Crowds welcome French French partisans.

The tragic events in the Vercors: weapons parachuted.

Fighting partisans against the Germans.

Shooting guerrillas.

Vercors Mountains.

Guerrillas dropping bombs.

Traces of the defeat of the guerrilla Germans.

Saint-Nizier - destruction.

Oradour sur Glane - destruction.

Division of General Leclerc in France.

Meeting Leclerc and de Gaulle at Rambouillet.

Among the French Leclerc.

Division Leclerc on the march.


Colonel role Tanguy and his underground headquarters of the future uprising.

Home uprising

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Reel №7


Shoot from the windows of houses.

The rebels throw grenade at a German truck.

German cars are burning.

Shootout in the streets.

Idle Parisians watching the column of smoke over Paris.

Lead and carry the wounded.

Bridge dismantled, building barricades.

Glee Parisians meet regularly of the French soldiers.

Division Leclerc tanks shoot on the streets of Paris.

Injured on the sidewalks.

Surrendering Germans-in profekture police.

Shear woman living with the Germans around the crowd.

Lead collaborators.

De Gaulle arrived in Paris, speaking before a microphone.

De Gaulle on the Champs Elysees, among dense crowd gathered around him.

Delight and jubilation Parisians.

A sea of ​​people on the streets and squares.

De Gaulle in the car

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Reel №8


The cortege goes to the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

De Gaulle in the Cathedral / photos /.

The crowd celebrating the liberation of Paris began to shoot out the windows of houses.

Carry the wounded.

The crowd fell on the sidewalk and the roadway.

Eisenhower at the Arc de Triomphe.

Pass the allied troops, tanks.

Parisians kiss the soldiers, shake outstretched hands


Allied landings in southern France.

Patch leads landing.

Lattre de Tassigny at the head of the French troops allied.

Shooting from the airplane.

Landing with the landing korabley.18 August.

Allied soldiers are moving north.

Pereebzhki among the rocks on the coast.

German prisoners out of the bunker.

They carry the wounded to the ship.

The ships are on the roads


Soldiers in Arles near St.




Shootout, rush.

Prisoners throw a weapon.


French soldiers in the streets.

Officers arrive by car.

Machines with vezzhaet soldiers in the city.

Dancing in the streets

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Reel №9


Blow up the bridge.


The movement of allied forces in the north after the liberation of Toulon and Marseille.

Lyon is the capital of the Resistance Movement.

Allied soldiers in the streets and squares of the city.

blow up the bridge

France. 12-th of September.

Meeting Leclerc and thrown their soldiers.

Strasbourg Cathedral and from the air.


Descend the Nazi flag, the rise of the French.

Residents burn swastikas and Nazi flags


Snow covered the ground.

Go Allied soldiers on the Alsace.

Bulls taaaschat sleigh with weapons.

Tents in the snow.

Trucks on the road.

Ridveyer, Bishveyer, Holtsveyer

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Reel №10


Ride riders are Marines.


Enter troops.

France flag on the balcony of the town hall.

March 1945.

Allied troops reached the French border, and began the crossing of the Rhine.

On the pontoon bridge moving troops.

Seagulls flying over the Rhine

Key words

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