Installation of a German chronicle No. 5163 (1920-1929)

Footage №67767, 1 part, duration: 0:10:28, black-white

Reel №1

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The annual exhibition of German glass,ceramics and porcelain in Dresden,1922 Visitors before entering the exhibition.

Places of entertainment some of the German cities.

Cabaret Savoy ballroom and "Libelle".

The entrance to the school.

Bar, "Hello".

Guests drink wine.

General view of the bar.

Café and concert hall "of Huck".

The appearance of the so-called"Ferris wheel".

Roller coaster.

Puppet theatre on the street.

The kids watch the show.

Folk festival in Upper Bavaria.

Guests in front of the pub.

Two men drink beer.

Imperial sports day in Nuremberg 4-26 June 1927, the Youth front of the poster.

General view of the city.

The roofs of the houses.

Churches and cathedrals.

Young people in the meadow.

Groups of young people and children.

Competition javelin.

The mass gymnastic exercises.

Exercises on the parallel bars and horizontal bar.

Final run the longest distance.

Exercise "of ursuletul"-youth 10-13 years.

Conversation certain Dr.

Horia with young people.

Games in the fresh air.

Bal filmmakers in Berlin.

Dancing couples.

A group of filmmakers,among them Conrad Feydt.

Meeting on the occasion of Stuttgar on the Market square of the city/1929/.

The crowd of people.

Marching columns with banners.

The rally in the square.

He spoke.

Another speaker from the crowd.40th ball of media in Berlin.


Dancing couples.

Lodge with representatives from the Berlin Senate and the Imperial government.

A group of journalists.



Barbers in the unit sheared and shaved soldiers


The staff officers of the Bavarian infantry division examining a captured machine guns.

A group of officers have guns


The group of refugees.

A woman prepares food.

German soldiers flirting with a woman at the door of the boxcar.

The woman runs away.


Cavalry with lances on horseback


The construction of military fortifications.

Soldiers carry sand bags.


The Polish population serves German machinery.

Agricultural work





Destroyed by the British and the Belgians bridge and a temporary wooden bridge built by German sappers.

The bridge under German protection.


Floods in Dixmuiden.

Fallen trees


German sailors in Micheline.


The show of horses in the German military unit.

Training for the races


The continuation of the story about the farm work.

Note:some of the shots-negative,so their contents cannot be proanalizirovano

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