For peace in the world (1920-1929)

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Colonel Pico shows people who have received serious wounds in the war.


Ruined house.

Of it render the surviving property.

Refugees on the road with their belongings,tied cows.

Among the refugees were the elderly and women.

The retreating army.


April 1918 the soldiers Loading into the cars.

The train goes to the front.

The soldiers on the road.



Trucks with soldiers.


Soldiers out of trucks.

Passenger car rides.

The overall construction.

A line of soldiers walking in the field.

Artillery on carts.

The trucks were hitched to the guns.

October 1917 a Long row of soldiers.


The shells are delivered into position.

Verdun,1917 the cart with the guns and vehicles.

Soldiers on the streets of the ruined city.

The soldiers are on the streets among the ruins.

Soldiers on vacation.


Morton,August 1917, the Soldiers in the trenches

Key words

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Peace conference at Versailles.

The negotiating table.

Delegates of different countries.

In the lobby of the conference.

The text of the Treaty of Versailles in front of the camera.

Its pages are turned.

The last page of the contract,sealed with many signatures and seals.

The output of the delegations of the Entente from the Palace of Versailles

Key words

France, the conference, the delegation, Gos.akt, Gos.uchrezhdeniya

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Field.T.N."no man's land".

In the distance smoke from the exploding shells.

The mutilated remains of the forest.

The soldiers on the front lines.


The winter of 1917, the Soldiers pulled which is mired in the mud gun.

Soldiers in the trenches.


Gunners 47 infantry regiment, to occupy the position.

Soldiers with carts.

The soldiers are on rough terrain.

Panorama of the sector of military action at Verdun.

Fort Dumont.

General appearance.

View of the Fort after the bombing.

The explosion of a shrapnel shell over the Fort Deamon.

Chain soldier in a snowy field at Verdun.

The casemates of the Fort.

The view from the casemates on the barbed wire.

The ruins of one of the premises of the Fort.

Soldiers in the ruins.

Sentry at the Fort.

Flanders,October 1917 Soldiers carry ammunition.

General view of the "line of fire".

The soldiers in the trenches.

The attack on 22 August 1917, Cloud breaks in the distance.

Smoke on the frontline.

Verdun,August 1917 13 battery 117 regiment is shelling enemy positions.

Shooting guns.

Village In/near Verdun/.

A cloud of explosions above the village.

Village smoke

Key words

France, war, explosion, fortifications, weapons, soldiers, destruction

Reel №4

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The audience at the Palace of Versailles.

The emergence of the delegates leaving the Palace.

Wounded soldiers present at the time of subscription of the contract.

The crowd on the terrace.


The crowd runs for the delegates.


The destruction of captured ammunition.


Before the attack.

Soldiers in the trenches.

Soldiers emerge from the trenches,go on the attack."The second echelon" goes on the attack.

Soldiers are fleeing the trench.

The gunners took positions.

The soldiers in the attack.


The soldiers in the trenches.


The gun shoots at the enemy.

The new attack.

The Marines are fighting for height.

Ahead of the exploding shells.

Soldiers retreating

Key words

France, war, soldiers, the wounded, the conference, the delegation of the State.act, population, weapons, explosion, trophies

Reel №5

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August 1917 g.obschy view of the battlefield.

German prisoners.

The prisoners fled from the attack.

The wounded bear his comrades.

Lassina, April 1918 g.


The corpses of the trenches, abandoned property.

Corpses on pole.25 August 1917 g.

Odin front of the participants.

Providing assistance to the wounded.

They are carried on a stretcher.

The infirmary near the trench.


Vuzer 17-18 August 1917 g.

Razvaliny city.

Victims of the gas attack soldiers are on the streets.

Sector's disease, in October 1917 g.


First aid in the infirmary.

Loading in santransport.

A doctor at the hospital.

Sanitary train leaves to the rear.

Cunha 1917 g.


Chamber view.

Soldiers visit wounded comrades.

Sister wounded feeds with a spoon.

Doctors operate on the wounded.

The prisoners.

For them, the war is over

Key words

France, war, wounded, soldiers, medicine, transport, fortifications, prisoners

Reel №6

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The column of prisoners.

The prisoners in front of the camera.

Registration of prisoners.

Prisoner eating bread.

The prisoners in the camp are busy with daily chores,writing letters.

Prisoners playing chess.

War-torn"city of martyrs":the Runner,Cambrai,Reims.

Types of destroyed neighborhoods.

Burning RECs.

In flames house.

The Sector EHF.

The ruins of the city.

Castle Folembray.

Cut down the Park.

Refugees return to their homes.

The City Teskur.

Residents at the ruins of his house.

Ruined castle Leomon.

The remains of the walls.

Temporary homes for the homeless.

Soldiers help farmers in agricultural work.

Soldiers on tractors.

General Pico calls for the struggle for peace

Key words

France, the war, prisoners, soldiers, destruction, fire, refugees, peasants, agriculture, strengthen, household appliances, military leaders, personalities

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