Climb Everest (1920-1929)

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Reel №1

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A documentary about the expedition, General Bruce G. Djamalungma /Everest/.

Expedition leader, General Bruce.


Bruce talking with the locals.

Market Darjeeling.

The buyers and sellers.

Types of local residents.

The participants of the expedition on the background of tents.

The train ride narrow.


The rushing train.

Forest landscapes.


The train going along the river Bank.



Horses with bales of the equipment of the expedition.

Pinning of the bales.

Horses,Laden with bales.

The participants of the expedition on the river Bank.


The caravan moves through the jungle.

Arrival in the village.



Karavan in the jungle of Sikkim.



The native separates from his feet stuck in the body of maskita.

Nepalese shepherds.

The rest of the expedition.


Two people on the river Bank.

The rapid flow.

A small waterfall.

The trees on the background of the river.

A cascading stream.


Shooting the waterfall.


Suspension bridge of vines.

Crossing the river on hung over the water rope.

The expedition is on the road.

One of the Tibetan plateaus.

The expedition goes on the snow-covered plateau.

A halt in the snow

Key words

Germany, Africa, people, expedition, mountain, military leaders, personalities, river, bridge, insects, animals, roads, population, natives

Reel №2

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The camp of the expedition.



Fitting boots.

Types of Tibetans.

The head of the tribe pays a visit to the camp.

Offer to buy the wares of local artists.

Tibetan women with unique hairstyles.

A flock of sheep.


Workers repair the roof of the Tibetan temple.

General view of the camp of the expedition.

Tibetan village.

The city and the castle.


General appearance.

The stairs.

The building of the fortress.

General view of the castle.

The local leader welcomed General Bruce.

Locals on horseback.

Expedition on the March.

The crossing of water obstacles.

Crossing animals.

Caravan on the beach.

Pilgrims, making the pilgrimage to Everest.

Monastery Rogun.

Lama is the Abbot of the monastery.

Lama gives a blanket as a gift to General Bruce.

The expedition to a halt.

Ritual dances of the monks.

Fanfare, the convener of the people.

The audience.

The output of the monks.

The performance of ritual dances.

The audience.


Key words

Tibet, the mountain, expedition, military leaders, personalities, animals, home, church, people, priests, river, arts, crafts

Reel №3

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Continued dancing.

Mask dancers.


The audience.


Solemn setswe,at the end of the holiday

Key words

Germany, Africa, the expedition, the natives, art, festivals

Reel №4

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The main camp of the expedition at an altitude of 5000 m.

Audi view of the camp.

The participants of the expedition for their business.

The output of the first unit.

The arrangement of the camps of the expedition.

Parade of shoes.


The expedition set out.

A second camp.

The participants of the expedition at camp three.

The expedition climbs up the snowy slope.

Third camp at the altitude of 6400 m.

The participants of the expedition at lunch.

Climbers on the mountainside.

Snow storm at the height of 8300 m.

The view on top of Everest

Key words

Germany, mountain, expedition

Reel №5

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View of Everest.

Return to the third camp because of a snow storm.

The participants of the expedition camp.

Climbers with oxygen apparatus.

Preparing for the summit.

The output of the climbers in a way.

Expedition overcomes snow drifts.

Climbers ascend up the rocks.

Climbers on the middle platform.

They're in camp # 4.General view of the camp.

The Summit Of Everest.

The rise of the expedition to the top /shooting telephoto/.

Stay at the height of 7880.View of the glacier,blocking the road alpinev.

Snow storm on top.

The monument to the victims-the members of the expedition,died from avalanche.

General view of the monument.

The expedition departs in the opposite way,abandoning the plans of climbing to the summit because of bad weather

Key words

Germany, mountain, expedition, natural phenomena, monuments

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