Comrade Berlin.. (1969)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Karmen R.

Script writers: Gurkov G., Karmen R.

Operators: Krichevskiy A.

Composers: Meerovich M.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


The film is about the capital of Germany - Berlin.

Temporary description

The film is dedicated to the capital of the GDR - East Berlin. In the streets of Berlin are the people, organ-grinder. Newsreel: streets of the city during the Second World War, in the 20-ies, E. Thalmann. Students of Humboldt University in the classroom, youth at a rehearsal at the club "Oktobor. Seeing the Soviet Pioneers, vacationing in the GDR; sing young Berliners' Oktober Club "; sings E. Bush, the construction of residential houses in Berlin. Walter Ulbricht among the builders of the children on the carousel, in carriages, painted in the streets, neo-fascist demonstration. Brandenburg Gate, the border, border pass, crossing. West Berlin. Streets, buildings, banks, the Berlin Wall, youth at the grave of R. Huna, who was killed at the Berlin Wall in 1962. Dispersal of demonstrators; meeting between Soviet and German soldiers, among the soldiers deputy. Defense H. Kessler. Director R. Carmen takes the interview with Professor M. Steinbeck. The streets of East Berlin, the tourists on the streets. Men drink beer, children in wheelchairs; Berliners are on the streets, relax on the beach, in the woods, at the stadium, the national carnival, at the theater at the theater.

Reel №1


On the streets of Berlin, is an organ-grinder, grind - different.

Near the organ-grinder are children - MS.

Passers-by, people of all ages, young people on the streets.

General plans of Berlin, traffic on the streets with a / t

Newsreel 1941:

The streets of Moscow are moving military vehicles, tanks, soldiers go - MS. (Winter).

Anti-tank barriers (winter).

Pass wounded.

The woman at the burned house near Moscow.

Newsreel 1945:

On the streets of Berlin, Soviet soldiers are wounded, passing tanks.

Pass with his belongings to return to Berlin by German residents.

City residents, adults and children, the loudspeaker on the streets of Berlin - CU., MS.



Pass through the streets of Berlin residents - MS.

Family rides a motorcycle - MS.

Sitting on a bench guy and a girl - CU.

Brandenburg Gate - MS.

Sculpture of the goddess of peace and horses at the Brandenburg Gate - CU.

West Berlin - LS. (With a / t).

Single elderly women - widows of two world wars, filmed at cafe

Berlin - MS., CU.

Broken statues of saints in niches houses, house wall with traces of bullets - CU.

Young builders of the new city - MS., CU.

Young people at the bench in the workplace.

Among the employees - a girl.

Member of the Parliament of the GDR turner Volshleger working at the bench and in a break with friends for a meal - CU., LS.

Group of young people came into the United Socialist Party of Germany, handed party membership cards.

Member of the Bureau of the SED Ferner with young workers in the factory.

Humboldt University students engaged on location - different.

Members of the youth club "Oktober", born in Berlin, at a rehearsal of the song "Bog Soldiers" (synchronous) - CU., MS.

In the streets are Berliners - MS., CU.

In the park sitting with bowed head, an elderly man - CU.

An elderly man in the house - CU.

It takes an elderly couple - CU.

Chief Director of the Berlin Post Office Ernst Kohler and co-workers - MS., CU.

B / W photo Wehrmacht lieutenant Ernst Kohler, surrendered in captivity and became one of the authorized committee "Free Germany" in blockaded among comrades - MS., CU.

Ernst Köhler in his house takes Leningrad military friends - Colonel Bassistoff with his wife and daughter, introduces them to his son - a lieutenant of the GDR border guards.

E. Kohler at the post office and a microphone in the hands of the former Magistrate talks about his work of the first mayor of the Central District after the end of hostilities in May 1945 (simultaneously in German) - MS.

Newsreel 1945:

Berliners are queuing for bread, get the bread.

Soviet female soldiers of the great German people food.

Residents of rubble, clearing the streets - MS., LS.

Reel №2

Newsreel 1945:

The people on the streets - MS.

Berliners talking to Soviet soldiers - MS., CU.

Behalf of the people - CU.


Soviet and German pioneers who spent the summer together in the pioneering country to them.

William Pike near Berlin, say goodbye to each other before parting, exchange badges addresses - MS., CU.

Girls cry; depart buses with children.

Humboldt University students walk up the stairs, enter the classroom, sit down at the table.

Student in Russian poetry reading Pushkin's "To Chaadayev" (synchronous).

The building of the Humboldt University - LS., MS.

Street name in German «Unter den Linden».

Young Berliners, members of "Oktober Club" performed on the street "Unter den Linden" song "October" (simultaneously in German) - LS., MS., CU.

A young man accompanies the guitar - CU.

On the street they hear Berliners - MS., CU.

The building of the royal library, which in 1895 signed Vladimir Ulyanov - MS. PNRM.

A plaque with a bas-relief of Lenin - MS.

Street, building, hitting the balcony that November 9, 1918

Karl Liebknecht proclaimed a free socialist republic Germany - LS., MS.

May Day demonstration of workers in 1968

Pass athletes, workers.

Government platform.

Monument to Soviet Soldier-Liberator in Treptow - MS., LS.

Carried wreaths to the monument - LS. (With a / t).

An elderly woman is lying along the wreaths - MS.

Hand lay flowers.

Newsreel of the 20's.:

Funeral comrade, a German Communist who fell in battle against the Nazis.

Over the coffin stands secretary of the city committee of Berlin communists Walter Ulbricht - CU.

Pass "telmanovtsy" raised in greeting hands clenched into fists - MS.

Cost Ernst Thalmann - CU.


Opening of Europe's first monument to the heroes brigades - "Spaniards", created by the sculptor Kremer.

B / W:

Banner of German anti-fascists-telmanovtsev - CU.

Stand and pass the German antifascists, who fought alongside the Spanish.


At the opening of the monument there interbrigadovtsy - German comrades writer Rennes, the defense minister of the GDR Hoffman, a member of the Politburo of the SED Ferner, a member of the Central Committee of Dahl, writer Stern and others

The inscription on the monument.

Reichstag building in West Berlin.

Mansion opposite the Reichstag, where he lived his president (in 1933 it was G. Hering), and is now a recording studio - MS., CU.

In the studio, Ernst Busch, German singer and anti-fascist, sings (simultaneously in German and Russian) - MS.

Construction of the new square in Berlin - Alexander Platz - LS. (With a / t), MS., CU.

Builders - young workers - MS., CU.

Reel №3

Walter Ulbricht, talking with builders Alexander Platz (synchronous) - CU., MS.

Builders - CU., MS., MS. PNRM. to construct buildings.

Builders at work - MS., CU.

Berlin - LS. (With a / t), PNRM.

Design office and models of new buildings, streets and areas of Berlin.

Architects have layouts.

Children riding on a carousel - MS.

Women with small children and infants in strollers on the streets and in the square - MS., CU.

Children draw with crayons on the pavement - MS., CU.

A bunch of the Sudeten Germans, happy with the results of the Second World War, September 1, 1968 in West Berlin.

The orchestra.

Banners and standards.

Acts von Hassel.

Participants gathering listen, applaud.

Boundary (the wall), which was established August 13, 1961

The wall jumping girl - LS.

Brandenburg gate, the guards on duty - LS., MS.

At the border, and from the tower of the residents of West Berlin look at the territory of East Berlin - CU., LS.

In the eastern zone are guards - MS.

Border crossing points - pass cars - MS. (With a / t).

Animation: GDR card - MS. PNRM.

Index in German - CU.

The streets of West Berlin, traffic - MS.

In the streets are women, an elderly couple with a dog - MS.

Showcase with Nazi orders - MS., CU.

Fascists with banners in the streets of West Berlin.

Newspaper «NPD Kurier» - CU.

The man on the street handing out leaflets.

B / W:

NDP stands head Adolf von Thadden - MS., CU.


Shop windows - CU., MS.

Jewelry store showcase - MS.

Posters of movies about murders, robberies, sex - MS., CU.

Reel №4

Building and signage banks, behind the facade of which is located the headquarters of many espionage, sabotage centers - MS., CU.

The building with the sign "House East German homeland» - MS.

On street passing police car.

The wall is the boundary between East and West Berlin - MS. PNRM.

Behind a wall in the west part of the bike rides - MS.

Building with the standard of the President of Germany.

West Berlin Bellevue Palace, residence of the Bundes-called president, signs in German - MS., CU.

Monument to Soviet soldiers in West Berlin - MS. PNRM.

The inscription on the monument - MS.

Monument behind barbed wire - LS.

Newsreel 1945:

The signing of the surrender of Germany in Berlin, Field Marshal Keitel signs - MS., CU.


From a motor vehicle in a building on West Berlin goes Bonn Minister greets military - MS.

Is a group of military - MS.

B / W:

Passes of the floor von Hassel - CU.


PNRM. from the street to the building, the owner of which is the newspaper king Axel Springer, his newspaper on August 13 annually celebrate the establishment of the boundaries negative articles.

Sculpture in front of the owl - CU.

The car in front - MS.

Animation: various West German newspapers - MS., CU.

Grave of a 20-year non-commissioned officer of the GDR border guards Reinhold Hoon, who was killed here provocateur send to West Berlin, June 18, 1962

Springer skyscraper near which began a tunnel under the border wall.

B / w photo: TV camera on the border, through which shot a prepared killing.

Young people at the grave - MS., CU.

B / W:

The anti-fascist demonstration in West Berlin youth - MS., CU.

Police disperse protesters beaten, arrested - MS., CU.


Fortified wall-border - MS.

Story of the armed group "Kampf-group" of the factory workers of Berlin, which was 8/13/61 reached the border of the GDR and closed it to the enemy - CU.

A group of Soviet soldiers and the soldiers of the People's Army of the GDR - CU. PNRM.

Fibroids down German soldiers held by Colonel-General Heinz Kessler, Chief of the General Staff of the People's Army of the GDR, the Deputy Minister of Defence - MS.

H. Kessler talks to young soldiers - MS., CU.

B / w photo: Young H. Kessler, anti-fascist, Wehrmacht soldiers, who fought against the Nazis in the Soviet armed forces, out of a group with Walter Ulbricht in 1942, the Bryansk Front.

On the bridge passing subway train - LS.

Passes through the streets of youth.

Go young artists.

Sitting girl - CU.

Sculpture girl - CU.

Building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - MS.

The streets of Berlin with passersby and vehicles - MS. PNRM.

Berliners - metallurgist, sculptor, writer, mechanic, actor, builder and others in their jobs - CU.

Builders face - CU.

Work in the shop of the factory, in the design office - MS.

Professor Max Steinbeck, a great physicist, philosopher, member of the Academy of Sciences of the GDR, the USSR, at work - reading - MS., CU.

Street in

Jena, where Steinbeck heads the Institute of MHD - MS.

Passing cars.

M. Steinbeck in the car - CU., MS.

Reel №5

Out of the car Max Steinbeck, enters the building - MS. PNRM.

Directed CSDF RL Carmen M. Steinbeck talking to (synchronous).

M. Steinbeck answers the question R. Carmena their choice - GDR (simultaneously in German) - MS., CU.

Rotating disk recorder - MS.

M. Steinbeck works at a desk - CU., MS.

Hand writing formula.

M. Steinbeck talking to scientists - CU.

Landscapes taken from the plane: the fields, the village, windmill, city, factory, high-voltage line, the river - LS., MS., PNRM.

Rostock (the plane).

Port of Rostock - LS.

Soviet ship "Kiev" and other foreign ships in port - MS.

Soviet flag and the flags of other countries in ships - MS.

Flags on the building of countries - participants of the Leipzig International Fair - MS.

Leipzig Street, a people - LS.

Are the car (above).

Cover with plastic wrap machines - MS.

Addresses on the boxes - CU.

Folk Stralsund shipyard, where they build ships for the Soviet fishermen - are, talking two Soviet masters and two German shipbuilders - MS.

The plant, which processes the Soviet oil coming through the pipeline "Druzhba» - MS., CU.

Highway, traffic (top).

Road - freeway (with us) - LS., MS.

Checkpoint for vehicles coming in the GDR (top) - MS.

CPT workers put the pass stamp - MS., CU.

Signpost «Deutsche Demokratische Republik».

The streets of Berlin - the capital of the GDR from a moving vehicle - MS. PNRM.

Passing two-storey bus with tourists - CU. PNRM.

Foreign tourists get off the bus, take pictures in the streets - MS., CU.

Monument to the Liberator Soldier in Treptow Park - MS.

On the streets in uniform pass for young American soldiers, the soldiers at the monument in Treptow Park - MS., CU.

Tourists at the monument - MS.

A plaque with the inscription in Russian and German, "Motherland will not forget their heroes» - CU.

Among passers black, Indian, etc.

Street stories, skits.

Lyrical scenes.

Shop windows.

Reel №6

Different genre scenes - MS., CU.

Men drink beer in the cafe - CU.

Women with strollers in the streets and in the parks.

Children in wheelchairs.

On the street talking two elderly women, is an elderly couple.

Pass, adults and children with dogs.

A woman throws a bridge into a river feeding the fish.

Along the river is a boat.

Two nuns rubbed car.

Sitting boy and girl.

Vacationers Berliners on the beach - sunbathing, swimming, jumping from the tower.

Spit roast chickens.

Cafe on the bank of the river, visitors to the tables.

Boats on the river.

Ship with a rest on the river.

A young man with a dog on a kayak.

Speedboat on the river.

Townspeople rest in the forest.

Dance twist children and youth.

Pelican waving wings.

Berliners photographed for memory with cub.

Polar bear in the cage and in the pool - MS., LS.

Sporting event at the stadium.

People Carnival - is the orchestra and the hero carnival shoemaker William Foyt - the famous "Captain of Köpenick".

Spectators on the streets and in the windows.

The guys from the Berlin club "Oktober" ready to have fun meeting the bride and groom - his teammates, welcome them with wine and song.

The couple sit in a carriage with a sign "Oktober club."

Coachman on the box.

Carriage rides.

Passing cars (evening).

A scene from "Koreolan" (the Roman dictator) performed by artists of the theater "Berliner Ensemble" (simultaneously in German) - Various.

Bows artists - MS.

Berlin - MS. (Top).

Deserted streets in the morning - MS.

Streets, monuments - MS., CU.

Flowering branches lime.

Subway train goes over the bridge - MS.

Brown bear in the cage - CU.

Lovers-fishermen on the shore.

New Berlin - buildings, tower (with a / t).

Vehicular traffic.

People go to work.

Checkpoint, the soldiers look - MS.

Children go to school.

Two chimney passing on bicycles.