Czechoslovakia. (1938)

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View of Prague,its streets,cathedrals.

At the map of Czechoslovakia, the Minister responsible for national security.

Industrial landscape,pipe,aircraft manufacturing factory,machinist.

The country is arming itself.

Text: "for 20 years,when freedom disappears in Central Europe.

Czechoslovakia remained true to democratic ideals,which were proclaimed in doctrine Woodrow Wilson".

The Wilson monument in Prague,engraved quote: "the World must be safe for democracy".

President Masaryk on the bench,he with two boys


President of Czechoslovakia Edvard Benes with his wife out of the building to the car.

Prague,Charles bridge,Prague castle,gallery,historic building.

School pupils are taught English.

Vegetable market on the street


The Map Of Europe.

The national composition of Czechoslovakia.

The Sudetenland,inhabited by Germans,culturally and linguistically connected with Germany.

The border guards check the documents of the German boys on bicycles.

City street,passers-by reading a newspaper on the bench.

The Germans want equal rights with the Czechs.

The headquarters of the fascist Sudeten German party,headed by Conrad, Heinlein.

A meeting of the party,the Czech fascists raise their hands in a Nazi salute.



Domestic scenes: a market with fruits and ovoshami,plowing with horses,coal mining.

Industrial landscape in the city,the workers go to the factory,work on the machines.

Shoe factory as "father".

The construction of the aircraft.

There is a train with Czech glass.

The ship.

Plant,design office


Map of Czechoslovakia,it attracted arrows from Germany.

Czechoslovakia is of strategic importance.

NDP." Hitler 2 million Sudeten Germans."

The troops of Czechoslovakia,the military garrison,the headquarters,the meeting of military


London,car rides with the newspaper is "Old",title: "surprise visit Henlein",Henlein at the table meets with the British statesman

USA.The aircraft with the inscription on Board the "Ulrich Henkel".

Czech customs.

Pointer with the words : Karlovy vary,carlsbad.

Stand with Newspapers,the headline: "Czechs shoot the Germans."

Edward Benes in the office.

The Czechoslovak army to guard its independence.

Military exercises.

From the garage, go trucks,the soldiers sit in them.

Go on the field armored cars.

The call of the reservists.

Telephone system messages.

Newspaper about conscription.

Soldiers in gas masks.

The propaganda posters.

Aircraft,airport services, the slogan of the Nazis: "1 nation,1 Reich 1 the führer".

The military's card

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